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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My Last Day At BYU

On my last day at BYU we... 

finished our last tests!

We ate celebratory treats...

(and maybe I ate a macaron AND a mint brownie, because everyone knows how good BYU's mint brownies are.)

Lastly, Jake tried to look as Zoob-like as possible in BYU attire and cheesy smiles eating in the cafeteria.

- - - - -

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

graduation things

Alright. Graduation things, here we go. 

I made my mom promise me we wouldn't have a "thing" for my graduation because I'm not really a "thing" person. So, she just got me this cake and we ate it during Sunday dinner. 

Trixie was there being cute, per usual. 

This was my last day of school. (Or more importantly my last day at BYU.) The rainbow roses Jake ordered me came in the morning and they were just as wonderful as I always dreamt they would be. I've waited a long time for these suckers, kids. WORTH IT. I then enjoyed an açaí bowl and stared at my roses the whole time. It was the perfect morning. 

My v nice brother-in-law tipped me off that Kneaders was giving away free cake to BYU graduates! So, natually we went there. The guy working was super nice and gave me two pieces. A car picnic ensued. 

I can't even get over these rainbow roses. I'm definitely drying these chesters and keeping them forever. 

We took a few pictures just for memory's sake. I had to take some "normal" ones for my mother (you know how it is) but this one is my favorite and will be the one I display and show to my children.

In closing, I'm mainly just really glad I completed my goal of graduating college in 2 1/2 years! It wasn't the easiest thing, but it wasn't the hardest either.

I also feel the need to thank people. So, thanks to my bb bacon for working so I could just focus on school and take 18 credit semesters. I couldn't have done it without him! Thanks to my mother for helping me out with my first year and for letting us live in her house for my last. A very special thanks to my grandma for listening to all of my BYU rants and validating my emotions. And thanks to the rest of family for being nice, supportive, and caring about my life and education goals. Thanks to everyone who gave me a graduation gift. And lastly, thanks to BYU for admitting me and letting me receive a college education! 

- - - - -

Friday, April 10, 2015

I Have Friends!!!

Lol at the title of this post. I always joke that Trixie and Jake are my only friends, but I really do have others I guess. 

A Friends IRL event finally happened! We went to 180 Tacos. I got the falafel tacos and they were pretty delish. I really want to try the tofu tacos next time. I might drag Jake here with me the day we celebrate my never having to step foot on BYU Provo campus. I want to try their little donuts I keep hearing about.

We then explored the colored walls in Provo. So, enjoy those awkward pictures of me. Can you tell that I am definitely not a fashion blogger? Actually almost everything I am wearing in those pictures is a hand-me-down from my sister. Thanks, Ash. 

Oh, but look how cute me and Riley are in our first friend picture. Yay first friend pictures! I feel like I have been reading her blog 4ever. Also, I feel like we have done many random, awkward blogging things together. So, that's always a bonding experience. This picture is actually authentic but I'm not sure I want to announce on the internets what we were lol-ing about haha. #politcallycorrect.

We went to get treats at Enliten Bakery afterwards! (McKenzie, is it "afterward or afterwards"?) Ok. So, I have been to Eliten Bakery many a times. Their cake balls are very good and also very adorable. Their chocolate covered macaroons are also very good. Their hot chocolate is decent. BUT OMG THIS CHOCOLATE CROISSANT WAS HEAVEN. Like, it was seriously soooo good. I also got a chocolate chip cookie, because apparently I can't go to bakeries these days without getting two pastries haha. It was okay, but I would rather make Love Taza's chocolate chip cookie recipe at home, because that recipe makes 100% the best cookies in the world. But anyway, make sure you add Enliten Bakerie's chocolate croissant to your Utah bucket list. Have them warm it up for you!

Thaks for meeting up Riley and Mindy! Twas a v fun time. 

- - - - -

P.S. I have a BYU rant that I want to put somewhere haha. UGH. I have so many problems with the testing center. 

First they made me pay $20 for a calculator that I accidentally took out of the testing center, without calling to tell me I had a certain amount of time to return it. And they didn't even let me keep it. And it was one of those dollar ones from Wal-Mart. UGH. 

Then they didn't have my American Heritage test I spent days studying for. Then they made me go all the way up to Salt Lake to take the American Heritage test when they finally did have it. UGH. 

Now they "ran out of my test" that I had to take for my internship. They didn't know when they would have it back in. I asked them to call me when it gets in so I don't drive all the way down there again for nothing, and I think they were kind of annoyed. But, I think that if you say you are going to have a test, and if people believe you and take the time out of their day to drive to you and prepare for it, and you don't have it? The least you can do is call them when you do so they don't waste their time again haha. So, I have to set aside another 2 hours of my life tomorrow to drive down to Provo to take it haha. It expires tomorrow, so cross your fingers they have it!

Ah, the struggle is real with the testing center, guys. I have the WORST luck there. I honestly don't hear anything bad about it (aside from turning people away for beards or wearing clothing that isn't allowed) so it's so weird that I have had this many unfortunate experiences with them. Thank the heavens I am almost done and won't have to go there again haha!!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

iphone diary

Hello hello! Here's an iPhone diary, because I've had midterms all this week and have a bunch next week. It's CRAZY. I have this huge lists of posts I want to do, but I keep forcing myself to study or do more productive things instead, so I guess it's good? Taking 18 credits really isn't that hard since I don't have a job, but midterms are INSANE. I kept meaning to post my iPhone pictures earlier, but I kept forgetting. So, here's what the past month has looked like, haha. 

I made biscuits from this recipe and they were DELISH / Jake went grocery shopping and brought me home a Diet Coke with my name on it <3 that boy sure knows how to make me happy! / Studying at Enliten Bakery on one of my long school days. They had sprinkle covered cake balls! I still like the recipe I make better, but these sure were cute. / I finally got the stray cat to eat of my hand!! I have named her Skully. At least I hope it's a her, lol. 

We went to my sister's house for Sunday dinner for the first time in a longggg time, and I made this chocolate pumpkin bread! It was sooo good! / After school snacks with Skully / Chocolate covered marshmallows from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory are a small heaven / Finally got Skully to eat out of my lap!

Trixie is the cutest, wrapped in a blanket pal. / Jake thought me sitting like this in my chair was cute? LOL / Trixie was wet from the rain, so I swaddled her just to be funny and dumb, and started rocking her. It turns out she LOVES to be swaddled and fell asleep. LOL. / Jake in cute Halloween apparel. I can't wait for our costumes!!!

Every night Trixie jumps up on our bed, and every night we have to pick her up and put her in her dog bed. Although sometimes if we say "Trixie, down" and point to her bed, she will go down there. Such a snob, that one :) / Braids are a lifesaver with 4 day greasy hair! / Feeding Skully yet again / Jake falling asleep while studying at school hahahahahah

Neat messages in the fourth floor bathroom of the ESC. I was surprised to see it at such a conservative, private school! / Homework snacks / Swaddling Trixie again. Excuse my silky pajamas haha. But, she just laid there for like an hour in between me and the couch cushions. She loooooooves the swaddle hahaha. 

Campus is starting to look really pretty in the early mornings! / I'm trying to domesticate Skully, so I have been trying to get her to come inside and eat for foreverrrrr. She finally did! Hahaha! / Pinterest makeup tutorial! It's supposed to be "model day off" eyes?? Haha. Not sure if it hits that mark, but it's a nice change from red lips and cat eye. / Ah, Guru's sweet potato fries and Diet Pepsi are the only acceptable snacks while studying for Behavioral Neurobiology exams.

This fall crisp has been PERFECT. I love studying outside in the mornings. It's such a perfect temperature. / Did you know if you study upside down, you learn better? Lol jk, but honestly sometimes it feels so good to sit like that. Idk why haha. / Jake had a little trail mix friend on his hand while studying for Geology. Look how cute!! / Eating a fry-person at The Wall. Hahah I love the frysauce arms.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

the first day of school

Ok, granted this happened like a week ago, but all the Spokane photos took precedence. (Side note: I just witness a girl sitting down hug the leg of a guy standing up. Is this a common practice?!?!) So, we actually missed the first day of school since I accidentally scheduled our flight to be coming home that day. So our "first" day of school was technically the "second".

Awesomely enough, on Wednesdays I have class from 8:30-8:30. There is like, a 6 hour break in the middle, so we decided to munch. Plus, what first day of school is complete without a visit to Slab? Um, none. Look at how big those pieces of pizza are! And only $5!

I decided to blend with the BYU crowd and wear jeans LOL. Also, during our break we went to Sprouts and bought cotton candy grapes, which was one of the best decisions in the entire world. IF YOU HAVE NOT TRIED COTTON CANDY GRAPES, GO TO MACEYS AND BUY SOME, THEN COME BACK AND TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK. They are soooo good you guys, I can't even mentally handle it sometimes.

Two things. 1.) While we were in Spokane I bought this chocolate frog because who wouldn't? And then I saved it for the first day of school, because eating a chocolate frog is a sure way to make your first day of school a success. 2.) Look at Jake's socks rolled down in the background LOL.

You know those shoes that it in your closet and you never wear? Well I wore them and then found out they hurt my feet which is why I never wear them. Jake's shoes were also hurting his feet, so we were Barefoot Beebs on the walk to the car. I also apologize for this picture, because in my haste to get a "first day of school picture before the sun sets" I forgot about what the horrible backlighting would be like. But, alas, you get the idea.

So far school is good! We're quite busy, but also quite productive so it's a win win.

- - - - -

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

life lately

I ordered some really fine tips and bottles, so now I can do awesome henna! I need some more ideas of things to do. I think once it gets warmed and swimming-weather I am going to do a cool one on my thigh, I just don't know what to do!

Trixie was so cute. She was sleeping inbetween the couch and the footstool. Like, it's cute, but it's also a pretty good example of how lazy she is. I'm not sure if she was sleeping there because she thought it was comfortable, or if it was because she was too lazy to get up and move somewhere that wasn't eating her alive. Haha.

Drank some delicious italian sodas with the fam! Working at all of these coffee shops has surely paid off in my ability to make delicious homemade drinks.

Henna by Jake! Also, randomly ran into a booth at school that was giving out cotton candy, popcorn, and root beer for free. I was on my way to buy candy, so it was basically a miracle.

Cute things on the way to school! I really hope to live in a colored house someday. They are so cute.

Midweek break with a Jazz game! I've never been super into sports, but I do like basketball because it's so fast paced. None of that waiting around shiz, ya know.

It also doesn't help that this old man buys us ice cream every time we go. Literally the cutest thing.

Went to Idaho for the weekend to see my lovely sister-in-law graduate! It was awesome, because her department was the college of fine arts, so it was basically like going to a talent show. Definitely not a boring night.

Playing around with low lighting! My camera is so old it can't handle ISO bigger than 800 without doing this... so horrible! I need to borrow my sister's and see if it does any better. I am probably just going to have to invest in a flash. I hear some of the really nice cameras can do like 10,000 ISO no prob! That's craziness. I would probably die of happiness to own one of those. 

And as for the rest of our week... we will be taking finals and moving! Our finals end the 23rd at 10:00 p.m. (well, that's the last opportunity to take them anyways) and then we have to be moved out of our apartment the next day by noon! Eek! We haven't even started because the end of the semester and finals have been so crazy. You can bet we will be pulling and all-nighter! Music recommendations, anyone? It's times like these that I wish I liked energy drinks. Bleck. Candy and diet coke will do!

- - - - -

Thursday, April 3, 2014

life lately

Studying at all times. Although, this semester is almost over, so that's very good news. We have like 8 days left of actual class, and then finals! I'm excited! I am doing spring and summer, but I'm taking really fun classes that I'm excited for! Plus we can park in graduate school parking, which cuts the walk to class in half pretty much! 

I taught Jake how to fishtail! The one on the left is his first, and the one on the right is after a couple tries. I hate braiding my own hair because it's so long the angle is like, super weird and it hurts my arms because I'm a baby. Haha. He braids so well though! I hope we have little girls :)

Fancier fishtails! And some street art we ran into on our way home from school on Tuesday. I love it! There used to be a piece at the bottom of the stairs on campus that said "you've changed." I like to think that someone is doing these with the hope that their lover will see them. It's so cute! I can't wait until we go to a city and I can just wander the streets looking for street art!

We stopped by Sammy's Cafe on date night and found the message we wrote in fingernail polish when had just first started hanging out! It's under the counter, so hopefully they never get new ones! 

We didn't go to the color festival this year, because we'd rather be lazy on lounge around on our days off ;) but I did get to help clean it all up! It was AMAZING seeing the aftermath! Some 60,000 people went this year! It wasn't too bad with trash and stuff, but I loved seeing all the colors everywhere!

Spring in Utah is so dumb! Monday I wore a long sleeve button up and was absolutely sweating by the time I got to class. Then, on Wednesday it snowed and was freezing enough to have to whip out my winter coat... for only the morning. >:(. So then I looked like an idiot walking around campus all day, because when I started walking it was freezing, but then by 1 or 2 it was just normal. Someone needs to invent like a super compact coat that you can put in your pocket haha.

We tried Supreme Burger! It's been on our list for forever and we decided to treat ourselves after all this school! I was laughing so hard, because we went right after we got home from our mythology class, and after we got done ordering I turned around to see none other than our mythology professor!! He is the funniest guy! This place was pretty much like JCW' (aka amazing). I could eat their fries all day!

We're pretty much out of all food, but I absolutely HATE going grocery shopping! So, I've decided to see how long we can go just eating the food at our apartment! It's actually kind of fun. But, to get my sugar fix I've just been eating chocolate chips haha. Am I the only one who does this? CHOCOLATE OBSESSED. Also, I decided our wedding pictures needed to stop being in every room in the apartment, so I combined them all into this piece that is on our bedroom wall. Don't let it fool you... it took me a good while to get each side of the heart even and to make it symmetrical while simultaneously using all of the pictures with none left over! I'm happy with the end result though. :).

I've started an online class (cause you know, 15 credits isn't enough right now) and it's awesome because I love online classes, but not so awesome because now I don't want to go to school anymore! Haha especially the longggggg days, Tuesday and Thursday! I actually didn't go for like two weeks, and then I went on Tuesday, and now it's Thursday and I'm not going again. Well, maybe I'll go later. But, I don't know. It's like, sometimes class (for me, at least) seems like it's not that important. I mean, I used to skip class all the time, and sometimes that would lead to a bad grade, but when they don't grade your attendance, and when you can read the text book and still get a good grade on the test, I think it's fine :). My mom hates it! She's always telling me to go to school, since I'm paying so much for it, but I don't know. I can stay home today and get half of my online class done, ya know? Haha.

We've got a fun weekend planned with a Salt Lake adventure, concert at The Wall, sleepover at my mom's house, and then conference with the fam! I'm ready for it to be here!

- - - - -

P.S. New design! It took me foreverrrrrrr to get it done. Like, I bought a template, but then realized so many things weren't the way I wanted them to be, so I did all of it myself! I have MUCH RESPECT for those of you who can just whip up templates. You're crazy! I'm still having difficulties with old posts being formatted weird, as well as mobile view, but whatever!

Monday, March 24, 2014

hiking the y

So, on Friday we hiked the Y! It's pretty much the stereotypical thing to do when in Provo. Haha. It was fun finally doing it! When I say fun, I definitely mean I whined the whole way up and had to take a break at each switchback (out of shape much?) BUT when we got to the top it was so beautiful! Forgive the picture overload that is about to happen. It's was just so pretty! Hopefully one day I can do it without being such a baby, haha. But, it was definitely worth it!

Special thanks to my oh so lovely husband for planning a great date night!

- - - - -