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Staycation Day 3: Connecticut

Wednesday, May 31, 2017
This is Henry. He is our windshield wiper fluid we for some reason keep in the car. He rolls around a lot so we have to make sure to buckle him in. 

For breakfast we went to The Granola Bar of Westport. It was v trendy. When we ordered hot chocolates (once again, eating the same food on accident) she asked us if we wanted "the works". We said yes and I'll tell ya, I'm happy with "the works"!

I got avocado toast again because I'm basic. It was v good.

Ok so this is random but I live by the Pez factory? Like, the actual factory that makes Pez. After passing a few sings for it, we decided to drop in. It was actually really fun! They had this photo booth that made me lol. They also had a bingo where you found certain Pez dispensers. If you got a bingo you won a free dispenser! Then they had Pez samples on the way out. So we ended up with a dispenser and 4 packs each. Not bad!

We became Pez. These pics crack me up.

Ok so this bridge is like, right next to my house. Over the summer, I would complain to my mom often about how it was hard to work from home. She always suggested I go on a walk, and I would tell her there wasn't anywhere to walk near my apartment. She always thought I was being dramatic lol. So, after the Pez factory I took her on my "walk". We had to cross this bridge which is really old. Like it's actual wood slices with space between. I mean, an adult couldn't misstep and fall through, but a child probably could. 

So anyway, we start walking on this bridge. First, my mom thought she heard a puppy in the side of it, so we went back to see if she could see anything. Spoiler alert: There was no puppy. Second, about halfway through my mom starts FREAKING out. Like she suddenly realized that the bridge had so many spaces, and at times was just a piece of chainlink metal. So she takes off, being like, "I need to get off this bridge!" and I'm just back there like ??? Needless to say, we did not take the bridge back.

After almost dying, I took her to get ice cream to raise spirits. I think I have talked about this ice cream before. It's called Milkcraft and IT'S SO GOOD. Like there aren't many places I would recommend pit stopping for in Connecticut, but this is one of them! This time I got the fruity pebbles and I am in love. 

My mom got the s'mores. She literally still talks about it. Talked about it on the phone to me yesterday, in fact!

I talk a lot about Primark and you guys are like, "WHY DO WE CARE." So it's hard to relate, for sure. I took my mom there to test if it's really as great as I think it is. Conclusion: IT IS. We got four bags (between the two of us) and only spent maybe $300-$350 (once again, between the two of us). I will miss it so much when we move to the west coast.

If you're wondering: Primark is like a Forever 21 but with way cuter things and better quality (I think). They have really cute stuff, including like home goods, stationary, etc. If you are interested, just YouTube "Primark haul". Also, you can not shop online. Their website doesn't even show everything they have, just the new arrivals. So yeah, it's amazing.

We ate at House of Bones, which is totally delish. I am obsessed with their pulled pork sandwiches. 

I feel like we ate somewhere for dinner with J? But I don't have any more pictures from this day so maybe we didn't. Huh. 

Oh yeah! So after this we got pedicures. This was also the day I got my phone to work! 

Anyway, it was v chill!

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