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We tell people we met at BYU (or I like to say fate brought us together), but if you want the realllll story, here it is. First, the most important thing to note is this is us in high school. Like srsly high school doesn't matter at all because people change SO MUCH afterward. 

At this time, we were both taking ceramics. We sat at different tables and never talked to each other. If you ask, Jake will claim that he had a crush on me and even talked to me once. I, however, do not have any memory of this. We were very opposite in high school. Jake went to the dances, the football games, and had a ton of friends. I went to two football games my entire high school experience, two dances (only one of which was for my school), and went through cycles of one best friend who I would hang out with all the time. In other words, Jake was (by my definition) popular and I was (by the online quiz's definition) a rebel.

Two years passed, and we were both attending our first semester at BYU. One morning, I decided to sell my phone, since I was going to be getting a new one in about a week. I put it on KSL, met a creepy dude at the Wilk, and started on my way to a meeting with a professor for one of my school projects. As I was walking down the hall, I heard someone say, "I know you." Jake placed where he knew me from, and I pretended to remember, but then really did remember later in the day. We chatted for a while and then he gave me his phone number and went on our separate ways.

My mom picked me up from school and I made her stop by my friend's house so I could borrow a Verizon phone and text Jake. I texted him later that day. We texted for about a week. The next Saturday, I told him about the Jenn Blosil concert I was going to. He said he didn't have any plans, because his friend was out of town. I invited him to the concert just to be nice, but didn't think he would actually come. He said yes, and a couple hours later we were jammin' at the Jenn Blosil concert. I accidentally took a video when I was trying to take a picture and that night I watched it probably a hundred times in a row, because I thought Jake was so cute in it lol.

We hung out a lot after that. I didn't think he liked me though, because he called me "kiddo". I thought that meant that I was just a pal in his head. Finally, one day my friend called me and told me this. "Jake just told me he likes you." I couldn't believe it so I went over there and made her show me the text messages lol. But, apparently he wasn't sure if I liked him, so he was asking my friend. I obviously pretended like I didn't know what was up when he told me he wanted to tell me something the next day. We met at the bell tower and chatted for a minute or two. Then he said, "Well, I guess I should just be a man and tell you that I really like you." I can't remember what I said back, but I can assure you it wasn't as eloquent or romantic. Hopefully it did assure him that I liked him back. I skipped my sculpting class that night and we got drinks from Taco Bell.

Then, we started dating for real! The first picture we took together was on Halloween. This was also the first time we met each others' families.

Then, on March 28th, 2013 he proposed. I just realized I never told that story... so here goes haha. We were on our way to Draper to help one of Jake's friend's propose to his girlfriend. Our directions were to pick up the flowers, go to this park with a pretty view, and record him when he proposed to her. So, we went to the flower shop and Jake let me pick out the flowers. I chose red roses, cause I thought they were something every girl appreciates. The whole car ride to the park I was teasing Jake about when he was going to propose. I knew he had my ring and I had it custom made, so I wanted it soooo badly! (I'm a ring gal.) We started walking up the trail and I spontaneously decided to take this picture.

Not five minutes after this picture was taken did we come across this...

Me, being the genius I am said, "Hey look, someone else is getting proposed to today!" Jake just kinda didn't say anything. Then I said, "Wait... really?! Oh my gosh!" He popped a knee and asked me to marry him. I'm almost positive I never said "yes" because I just kept saying, "Jake! Oh my gosh! Wait... Oh my gosh. Wait!! Jake!! Oh my gosh!" Like, over and over and over again. Safe to say I was surprised :) (Also, it's important to note that day was amazing, because we were planning on doing dinner and a concert in Salt Lake anyways. So, after he proposed we ate indian food and then went to the Andrew McMahon concert. Win!!)

We were originally planning to get married in August, but then I realized how passionately I hated planning a wedding and decided to not ruin my whole summer. (I can't talk wedding without giving a huge shout out to my amazing sister and mom who did the majority of my wedding for me. Also, they know me so well and made it exactly my taste. They're awesome!) We chose June 28th and the rest is history! I don't think I ever posted our wedding photos or engagements, but here are the links to the galleries, as well as our wedding videos. Here's our engagementsgroomalswedding, and honeymoon photos. We were also honored to be featured in Utah Valley Bride on pages 40 and 41.

Anyways, that's it! I hope you enjoyed our little story :) 

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