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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Third Trimester Updates

Lol I totally skipped a second trimester post. The most meaningful event was being hospitalized which I wrote all about here

Ok, so third trimester things:

So yeah, I got released from the hospital the day I turned 28 weeks, as that's a huge milestone for baby development. I was put on "modified bed rest" meaning I could still get up to shower, grab a snack, go downstairs to lay on the couch, etc. But, wasn't supposed to do any housework (like, literally they said that in my discharge paperwork lol), walk my dog, or anything that would involve me "bearing down" or straining. So, Jake was an angel during this time. He made me all my meals, did all the housework, took Tucker on all his walks, and also worked full time from home. 

Due to the pandemic, I'm already working from home. So, I was able to keep working during that time which I'm super grateful for! In my free time I played lots of Animal Crossing 😆. Healthwise, I had a scare where I had cramping and we went into the hospital, but they didn't pick up any contractions. I learned that it was really helpful to drink lots of water, eat a good breakfast, and rest for an hour or two before going on with the day... or else I would get cramps ugh. I actually just felt really crampy a lot anyway, kind of like mild period cramps. So, it was definitely manageable, but also the "honeymoon" of the second trimester was definitely gone haha. 

Doctor wise: During this time they were having me go in twice a week to get a non-stress test done to make sure the baby's vitals looked ok. She always looked great! And was always an "overachiever" meeting the milestones they set for babies two weeks older than her. They never picked up any contractions on my non-stress tests, but they did often pick up "some irritability". I think around 34 weeks or so, they let me step down to just doing them every week. 

After the whole hospital fiasco at 27 weeks, we were just happy every week I was still pregnant! We would get a little treat or dinner every Thursday to celebrate making it another week haha.

My mom came out when I was around 35 weeks, since the doctors have basically been like, "you can have this baby at any time or you can go until 40 weeks and have to be induced". She has also been working from home, so it's been really nice to be able to have her here to hang out with and know she'll be able to be at the birth.

I was able to go off of my "modified bed rest" at 36 weeks and stop the weekly non-stress tests, which was really nice! My stamina is 0 for sure, so I have been trying to be a bit more active since then (and by "active" I mean walking my dog for 15 minutes) to build it back up. It's definitely been hard! Like, after holding Tucker's leash for 10 minutes I got crampy and had to have my mom take him hahaha. 

When I went in for my 37 week appointment, my doctor was so happy hahaha. She was like, "You made it to term!!!!!" (I think I've definitely been one of her more stressful patients. She told me, "Every time I go to the hospital and don't see your name on my list I am so happy." lol.) I asked her how long they would let me keep being pregnant before they induce me, and she said they like to let people go until a week after their due date, "but if you were dilated to like a 5, then we don't want you walking around and would induce". When I saw her 3 weeks earlier, I was dilated to a 2 (which I had been since 27 weeks). But, when she checked this time she was like, "Ok so yeah, you are dilated to a 5, so we will want to induce you." I was in such shock haha like what!! I didn't understand that you can dilate so far without having strong contractions? I still don't understand how common or uncommon that is, but ultimately feeling really grateful that I have made it halfway to pushing without like, really intense contractions. 

The earliest the hospital will let her induce me is at 39 weeks, so she scheduled me for literally the day I turn 39 weeks haha. With all the high risk pregnancy/short cervix stuff, she was saying how if anything happens, "we want you to be at the hospital", which I totally agree with.

I went in again today (currently 37 weeks and 4 days), so they could tell me about the induction. They let Jake come in for this one, which was nice as he hasn't been able to come into anything aside from the ultrasounds. The med assistant was taking my blood pressure and was like, "Is she checking your cervix? How dilated are you?" And I was like, "Yeah I think so, and I am dilated to a 5." She was all shocked like, "What!?!?!? You are at a 5?!?! You could get an epidural if you were at the hospital!" lol. The doctor checked me again: still at a 5 and 80% effaced she said! She also said the baby is really, really low. She is scheduling the induction for April 8th and kept saying "if you make it that far", so we'll see! She said that since I am at a 5, I can get the epidural whenever I want it, so I'm like ??? Wait I'll literally just walk in on April 8th, get an epidural, have my water broken/Pitocin started, and then have a baby? Super weird concept haha but I'm down! It would be really nice to just have a calm lead in to delivery, instead of like really intense contractions and me yelling at Jake and my mom lol. 

So, yeah! That's where we're at! I've definitely not been doing as well the past few days. I've had some decently intense tailbone pain and this weird upper leg thing that almost reminds me of growing pains. Like the tops of my legs will hurt really bad and feel almost like something is cinched. Idk how to explain it haha but we were at the dog park earlier and I was like, "Ok I can't walk anymore" and we had to leave haha. So, yeah, hoping the legs and tailbone pains go away and my standard daily cramps replace them instead lol. 


Oh, and here's the answers to the Q+A from instagram!

Are you scared of anything at this point?

Oh for sure haha. Mostly I'm scared of progressing so fast that I either have the baby in the car or am not able to get an epidural at the hospital. Also, I'm obviously a bit anxious for the baby to get all checked out and hopefully she is healthy and doing great! 

Do you have heartburn? Any new symptoms unique to the 3rd trimester? (Cravings, baby movement, aches, etc.)

I don't think I have gotten heartburn, actually! I don't think I've ever had it so I'm not sure what it would feel like. As far as new symptoms: I got cramps pretty daily. The tailbone pain and leg pain is new in the past few days. I have also had what they call "fire crotch" lol where your baby hits a nerve and you get a quick shooting pain. 

As far as cravings: In the past week or so I've been really into candy bars. Prior to that I was super into like, home cooked foods and fast food sounded gross. I got really into bacon after having it at the hospital. I swear to you, for like 3 weeks after being discharged, I had a "traditional breakfast" every morning with orange juice, wheat toast, bacon, and eggs. These days I'm just into whatever is filling. Like I like to have complete meals with side dishes etc haha. 

As far as movement, yes! Lots of it! Once again I'm not sure what is normal or not, but I always joke with Jake that our baby got 'roided up and is all yoked in there, punching away all the time haha. I'm to the point where her moving is fun... but also uncomfortable hahaha so I don't complain when she is just sleeping. 

Are you set on a name? 

We have a list of names we like and will see what fits when she is born! We do have one that we think we'll probably use, though. 

What are you looking forward to most once baby comes?

I just feel like it's been so much to get her here, it will be nice to be done with all that! I joke that my pregnancy has been like that "snip, snap, snip, snap" scene from The Office where Michael is complaining about how Jan kept changing her mind about kids and made him get and reverse like four vasectomies haha. 


First trimester I was throwing up every day, then things were fine and I felt great, then found out I had a short cervix and was put on pelvic rest, then things were looking good so I was taken off, then I was suddenly hospitalized for a week and they were scared the baby would be born super early, then I was released and put on modified bed rest, and now here I am, sitting 5cm dilated at 37 weeks with an induction date! It will just be nice to not have her survival dependent on my body/me doing things to my body haha. It's been stressful. 

Other things: It will be fun to see what she looks like and what her personality is! I'm really looking forward to our parental leave and just having this summer to bond as a family after such a stressful year last year with pregnancy/medical complications and pandemic stuff. I'm really grateful to live in a state (city?) that prioritizes parental leave for everyone and really hope that is in everyone's future! It really is ridiculous sooo many companies either don't give their employees parental leave, or they do but it's unpaid. Vote for politicians who care about that! 

I'm already planning all the things I will be able to do, not being pregnant anymore! Mostly looking forward to being more active and leaving the house more. I'm excited to go to the beach, on short hikes if our baby is chill, and may some little day trips to cute towns around Seattle. 

Worst and best things about the 3rd trimester compared versus the 2nd or 1st:

Worst - Being more uncomfortable physically. Not fitting into most of my clothes. Being worried about if I'm going to go into labor pre-term. Being on modified bed rest. Getting closer to birth and being worried about how that experience will be lol. 

Best - Being able to feel the baby kick, it makes it more real that there's a human in there! Getting the nursery ready and buying baby products. Having a cute bump that people can actually see/know you're pregnant. Knowing it's all almost over! 

Plans for how to raise the baby:

Whew, that's a big question! I guess it depends what stage you're talking about. We are kinda just taking things bit by bit and not getting too far into decisions that aren't here yet. We are on the same page with how we want to do most things, and I'm sure anything else we'll just figure out! We were just talking about how we've been so focused on just getting the baby to full term that we haven't thought much about what to do after the baby will get here hahaha. I'm sure we'll have lots of YouTube searches like, "how to burp a baby" etc. 


Ok, that's it! Very happy this is the last pregnancy post I'll be doing for this pregnancy!


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