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Causebox Review

Friday, December 11, 2020

Hello and happy Friday! I just wanted to start this post off by saying this not sponsored haha. I have been eyeing the Causebox for a while and finally tested it out this fall! Now that I've been using the products for a while, I wanted to share thoughts on if this box is worth it. 

So, the box itself is about $50, but (as with all these boxes) has about $200+ worth of items in it. I have been trying to be more conscious about what businesses I support with my money, so Causebox was obviously the subscription box I was eyeing as they promote socially-conscious products (you can read more about that here). I needed a new bathrobe, so I figured if I hated everything else, $50 for a socially-conscious bathrobe was still worth it to me. But, I've actually ended up loving everything!!! Let's dive in.

A few things to note: 

1. If you're a monthly subscriber (pay per box instead of once for the whole year), you don't get to pick between the two choices. 

2. They also provide you with a little book that talks about each product and the team that makes them, which I thought was such a thoughtful touch. Some of the product backstories were really cool and I loved being able to see pictures of the real people who created them. 

3. Subscribers have access to their "market", which is open for limited windows and a place where you can purchase anything that's been in a box for a huge discount. Which is amazing if you loved a product, you can get a huge discount for gifts for friends/family (or more for yourself :) haha!)

Ok so, THE PRODUCTS. There were 6 products in total. 4 of these options came from 2 choices, and like I said, if you're not a yearly subscriber, which you get is random. 

Product #1: Bathen Waffle Bathrobe in Mint or Charcoal OR Bathen Waffle Towel Set in Mint or Charcoal. 

Like I said, the bathrobe was what I was most excited for/hoping for. And I got it!! I love using a bathrobe, but our place gets so hot in the summer (Seattle doesn't believe in air conditioning and we live in a 3 story townhome haha). So, I am so excited to have a lighter weight bathrobe to use during the hotter months. It feels like great quality and of course, I'm a sucker for anything ethically made. 

I can't find these robes for sale anywhere online right now, but here are some of Bathen's other robes. They look a little pricier than the waffle one, which makes me even more excited to decided to subscribe to this box and landed such a deal haha. 

Product #2: Artisan Direct Milky Way Lantern OR Tease Tea Glass 3-in-1 Tea & Fruit Tumbler

I ended up getting the lantern and I was literally gasping for air at how cute it is! I have just a cheap little set of string lights from the Target dollar section that I put inside of it and it is so cozy and cute. I've had it in the nursery and love the cozy vibes it gives it. I think I'm going to keep it there as we continue to decorate, for sure.

I couldn't find a link for this online either! I'm realizing the benefit of the marketplace where you can buy more of the products that you love. They'd make great, one of kind gifts! 

Product #3: Buzzy Basil Grow Kit OR The Green Co. Set of 10 Reusable Facial Rounds

I got the reusable facial rounds (I honestly feel like I got all of the best products haha) and was stoked! I have been wanting to transition from using makeup remover wipes to reusable facial rounds and micellar water. I have now been using them for a few months and love them! My only complaint is that I don't have enough haha! I use them at night to take off my makeup and then will wash my face in the name of double cleansing. 

Yay, found a link! You can get them for $14 here

Product #4: Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Muscle Gel OR Tribe Alive Rose Gold Criss Cross Cuff OR Volim Love Scrub

Once again, I feel like I got so lucky with the best option haha. I love simple jewelry and this cuff is so pretty!

Couldn't find a link for this one either! But you can shop Tribe Alive's website here

Product #5: Core Bamboo Bamboo Serve Set

Ok, so with the last two products, everyone got these in their box. The cutting boards we were using were seriously laughable, and I have been loving the bamboo one! (I love bamboo. I swear, we have so many things made from bamboo haha.) I honestly haven't used the spatula or tongs yet (note to self: eat more salad), but they feel like great quality. 

Once again, this specific set is not available online. But, you can still shop Core Bamboo's products here

Product #6: Way of Will Brightening Face Serum

So this was the product I was least excited about, mostly because I know nothing about skincare haha. HOWEVER. I have ended up loving it! I put it on after my lotion on my no-make-up days, and I feel like it just gives a nice moisturized feel throughout the day. 

I found it online for you for $24 here

Overall, I am extremely pleased with the Causebox! I feel like I got a lot for what it cost. When I saw they were having a winter box, I signed up again and was even able to find a discount code via Honey that brought my total all the way down to $34! I'm super excited to see what's in the winter box and am trying to avoid spoilers to keep it a fun surprise haha. 

Anyway, if you've gotten a Causebox, feel free to share your thoughts below! And let me know if you want to see another review of the products for the next box. 

Also, if you missed it, I did an unboxing on my IGTV. I made it in the throes of morning sickness, so excuse my awkward non-ending haha. And, if you wanted to try a box, you can use my link to get $10 off. And it will also gift me $15 for another box. So it's basically like your gifting yourself AND myself something haha. 

I hope you all have a great weekend! I've got some baking and house projects to keep me busy. As well as a potential Harry Potter marathon, because those always scream Christmas to me for some reason lol. 

Your Best Friend On The Internet,
Emmy Coletti


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