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Thanksgiving Pandemic Style

Thursday, November 26, 2020

We were originally going to go to a cabin in Washington with our friends from Utah this year for Thanksgiving, but when the mayor rolled out the new restrictions, we decided it was probably best to cancel. Especially with COVID-19 spreading so much, it just didn't seem like a good plan! So, we just did our own little thing this year. We usually don't really celebrate Thanksgiving/eat Thanksgiving food unless we're with family. But, it sounded good to the baby this year lol so we went for it! 

I'll link all the recipes we used. I made the stuffing the night before and it was surprisingly really good!  Just reheated it in the oven while the sweet potatoes cooked and it was good as new. The sweet potatoes were Ruth's Chris copycat and turned out sooo good! They were the main thing I was looking forward to, so I'm glad I wasn't disappointed lol. The rolls had a good flavor, but were definitely more like biscuits and didn't rise properly. And then the turkey... well ok, it was good, but I am paranoid about getting foodbourne illnesses lol. So I didn't eat much, but did just heat up a second helping and it was white which I think means it was safe to eat?? I never cook meat so I know nothing FML. I asked J what he thought of it and he said, "It was the most forgettable part of the meal" hahaha so guess I wouldn't recommend the recipe we used! 

We went on a lil' walk around Green Lake and have been just chillin' at home since! It's weird to think this will be our last Thanksgiving just the two of us. We'll have to establish some sort of traditions in the future haha. 



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