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First Trimester Q&A

Monday, November 23, 2020

I actually started writing one of these when I was in my actual first trimester and I just felt dumb haha. I am not a super sentimental person. And while I am excited to have a baby etc., I think there's a little bit of an expectation for these subjects to be all I think and talk about. And that hasn't been true for me. Growing up in Mormon-land, it's really drilled into you that motherhood is the most important thing and I definitely think I've been feeling a little bit of a pressure/expectation to be wayyyy more into all this stuff than I have been so far haha. I'm accepting that I'm excited, but it's not my whole life right now. I'm still working as a therapist and running my private practice, doing creative projects on the side, dealing with a pandemic, and I was dealing a lot with what I expect will be the most important election I'll see in my life haha. So, yeah! I don't know if any of that will make sense to anyone but my future self reading this back, but basically I wanted to write all this out so I wouldn't forget the experience, while also remembering that it's ok if I'm not spending all my free time researching and planning baby stuff haha. (I mean what would my Animal Crossing villagers do if I just stopped showing up?! 😂).

But, without further ado, let's get into all the deets! And thanks for sending me questions on Instagram because I wasn't sure what I should document from this trimester haha so it definitely helped! (Also we took these pictures the day before we left Utah and it was the first time I got full ready in while lol.) (My dress was thrifted, but is the Free People "Spell On You" dress. Boots were also thrifted, but you can buy them here.)

How did you find out?

I was actually using an ovulation tracking bracelet (the Ava bracelet which I really liked!) to prevent pregnancy. Then, we used it when we were actively trying to get pregnant. So, I was tracking my ovulation/periods etc. and when I was a day or two late I went and took a test and it was positive! I was excited, but I didn't cry or anything. I actually never cried. I think the closest I got was when I told Jake and my eyes did well up a bit haha. 

How/when did you tell people?

I told Jake that day! So I think I was like, 4 weeks pregnant or something haha. It's so weird how they count the two week between your period and ovulation as "pregnant". I asked him if he wanted anything from Taco Bell and he annoyingly said "no" for literally the first time I have ever heard haha. Threw a little bit of a wrench in my plan, but it still worked out! I'll put together the video clips one day and post the video on Instagram probably. 

We were staying with my mom over the summer (when I found out) and Jake didn't think he'd be able to keep a secret lol so we told her that day or the day after. I'd always told her I'd put a bun in her oven when I am pregnant, so it was a little inside joke and nice that we were in Utah to be able to do it! 

I wanted to wait until we were out of the risky zone to tell everyone else, so we told the rest of my family and Jake's family I think after 12 weeks or so! I had pretty bad morning sickness, so Jake told his family alone. He took them a Mini Cooper toy car with the ultrasound pictures and then gave it to them as a gift. The way the pictures were folded they thought it was a receipt lol, but once he told them to look at that too they got it! I Marco Polo-d my grandma and texted my siblings. My sister thought I was joking and FaceTimed me so fast hahaha. 

How did you feel? Any body changes? Any morning sickness?

I didn't really notice any body changes. But morning sickness... Yup haha. Please enjoy this collection of Vomit Self-Portraits. (Please note this is not indicative of how much I threw up haha.)

I probably didn't leave the house for a few weeks. This is where I was grateful to be working from home and not having to go do in person sessions! I was also really happy to have my mom and Jake around to serve me so many snacks hahaha. We ended up being in Utah for basically my whole first trimester and it was really nice to be in my childhood home, with a yard for Tucker, a cold basement for myself, and two people to bring me food hahaha. Oh, and last thing I was happy about: I usually did feel better after throwing up! And I was always home so I always had a toilet to throw up in. 

But! I did start taking Unisom at some point and that did help a lot! I think I was only vomity from like... weeks 7-14ish. I went like a week or two without vomiting and that's when I started taking my Ritual prenatal because I thought my body could handle it... and then I threw up like 10 minutes before we left to drive back to Seattle lol. 

Any cravings?

Nah, just was focused on what I could stomach haha. I ended up eating a lot of cereal, fruit, and crackers. 

What prenatal vitamin did you take?

I started taking a gummy one because the ones I took with iron pre-pregnancy made me feel sick. However, taking the gummy ones got hard bc I had to eat 3 a day and the last thing I wanted to eat was candy lol. I also tried the Ritual pre-natal that is supposed to have a no-nausea iron release, and I'm pretty sure that one made me vomit lol. So, I stopped taking them pretty much! 😬

Are you going on a babymoon?

Nope, not while we're in a pandemic lol.

Any names picked out?

Nope. We've got a list, but mostly disagree on them lol. Plus I want to wait until we see her before deciding. 

How did you learn the sex?

We did the 10 week test that looks at chromosomal abnormalities as well as sex. Although I am kind of bummed because it means we missed out on getting the optional 16 week (or whenever it is) ultrasound pic that reveals the sex. So we just have the 8 week one where the baby is a little glob haha. 

What did you do to prepare?

Nothing until we got back to Seattle. (Excluding the obvious doctor visits.) Even then, I really only started clearing out my office (the nursery to-be) and buying some cute baby clothes. I do plan to do a newborn sleep class, breastfeeding class, and whatever the birthing or new parent class is offered by my hospital. Other than that, I'm not planning on reading tons of books or anything because I feel like it has been suiting me (and my anxiety) so far to just take things as they come. Too much information stresses me out lol. 

If/how much/what connection did you feel toward baby?

Not a whole ton. It's kind of just a theoretical thing until they're actually here... ya know? Like I think it will be fun and I'm looking forward to it, but I am not really the daydreaming about motherhood type. I don't want to get too set on expecting things being a certain way, so I'm just not thinking about it too much. 

Favorite moments: 

Probably the 3 weeks before I was sick haha. And seeing/hearing people's reactions when we told them haha. 

What are you most nervous for?

I am pleasantly surprised to say I am not like, extremely nervous for anything. I was very anxious pre-pregnancy but was pretty chill once I got pregnant. I was (and still am) a little nervous about postpartum and Jake not recognizing the signs and me doing something extreme, but I already have a therapist who specializes in postpartum and I plan to just schedule appointments with her every 2 weeks for a few months just to check in. And I'm going to make Jake learn a lot about it and what to look for haha. Since we don't have family nearby, it's kinda all up to him to notice if I am not acting like myself haha. I know I am a therapist, but I don't think it matters, because when it's your mental health it's hard to know what's normal and not. I have also been happy to see that my providers screen for it as well. 

What are you most excited for?

Just the change up! We've been married for 7 years and things were getting a little dull around here. It will be fun to see what her personality is like, what she looks like, new challenges and problem solving, milestones, having another human being to experience the world with, etc. 

And, that's a wrap! If I missed anything that I should document, comment/DM/text me haha. 




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