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Breast Reduction Q+A + 3 Year Update

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Not gonna add photos to this post bc I want to keep it somewhat body positive!  

What size were you before and what size are you after?

This was by and far the most asked question haha. Before I was an F cup! (Maybe bigger but stores only go up to DD so it's hard to tell lol.) Every single day I had Jake rub my back because it hurt so much lol. Now, I am probably a D? Maybe a DD? Also harder to tell because #pregnant. But, my back pain is gone! Which was the whole goal of the surgery,

I do know they removed 316 grams from one and 233 grams from the other. 

Was your first surgery a reduction also? Or an augmentation?

Yup! A reduction!

What were the problems the surgeon had to fix in the second surgery?

So this is where I think just my body was made this way and this probably wouldn't happen to a lot of you. So, basically the skin between my boobs is lifted and doesn't lay totally flat against my sternum. (I think it was like this before the surgery, but I'm not entirely sure. I know in my pre-op photos I definitely didn't have a lot of space between my boobs so I think it's just how my body is. It also would have been a really rare thing if the lifted skin was the result of the reduction surgery.) Also my incisions were a little bit crooked! So, the second surgery was to see if she could liposuction the space between my boobs to get it to lay flat and to fix the original incisions to end at the same place.

The incisions definitely look a bit better now, but my skin is still lifted! I debate on whether or not I'll get it "fixed" one day, but I'd for sure want to wait until after I am done breast feeding before I consider it. But, even then, it doesn't seem like there's a great surgery for it and it's just an aesthetics thing. Like how many people see my boobs anyway?? Lol so it doesn't matter to me a whole ton. I don't have any pain and am worried that if I got another surgery where they put sutures between my boobs to get the skin to lay flat, it would cause a lot of pain or complications etc. So, as of now I'm rolling with my body's quirks and most likely will in the future too! 

So, I think for most people who get a reduction, it's just the one surgery! So plz don't be scared about it due to my story haha. 

Scared of losing feeling/my nipples dying?

Oh for sure! I was way scared of "nipple necrosis" as they say lol. I told my surgeon I wanted to be able to breastfeed, and I think she performed the surgery in a way that never cut off blood supply to my nipples. Mine didn't die but I know some people's do! So just a thing to talk about with your surgeon for sure! 

I also do still have some numbness in some areas! Not in my nipples, bc like I said, she didn't really cut anything off there, but the lower part of each boob is a little numb in some places. Doesn't really matter a whole ton to me though!

And then not a question, but re: comments about shame about having big boobs: 

I still would have gotten the surgery due to back pain, but I do wish I would have embraced the "look" a bit more. Growing up in a conservative culture, you're told to cover up all the time and "not to be a temptation" to the boys. *gag*. So, I felt like I had to stick to a very specific fashion/dress. However, as I am watching The Bachelorette, I am seeing Taysia with big boobs similar to where I was at and she rocks them! She dresses so cute and I wish I would have had more "fashion icons" if you will that had my body shape than the stick thin fashions I saw. The community I grew up in is definitely a little "cleavage phobic" lmao and I feel like that contributed to me (and lots of you from my DMs) feeling the need to cover up a lot... which is sooooo hard with huge boobs haha. So, shoutout to Taysia for being the fashion icon for rockin' huge boobs! 

I hope that helps! It's definitely a personal decision and I don't think you can go wrong either way! For the sake of my back, I'm really glad I got it done. A lot of people told me to wait until after I had kids bc they would shrink then, but that was too long to wait haha and I'm glad I did it when I did! I will definitely be interested to see if I can breast feed, but also I will not be extremely upset if my baby has to take formula. 

I think the biggest thing is just to know the potential negative side effects and consider if you could live with them/if they would be worth it for the benefits. 

Hope that helps! 




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