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Monday, November 30, 2020

Ask A Mormonish Girl - Part 4

Good morning and happy Monday! 

We're back for another "Ask A Mormon-ish Girl" post! For anyone new, this is a series where I talk about my feelings on religion, being member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (aka "Mormon"), and reconciling all of this with democrat/liberal values. My goal of these posts is to help you know you're not alone with your questions and concerns AND to actually talk about them and create some conversation past "just have faith and it will work out". Overall, I believe in imperfect relationships, both with people and institutions. This series documents my very imperfect relationship with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  

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Have you ever been treated like you're dangerous for questioning? 

Not to my face haha. 

How do you stay nuanced? I feel so much guilt to be in or out. 

One of the first things I do with my clients is teach them about "cognitive distortions" aka ways our thinking is distorted. I give them this worksheet. You'll notice one of the distortions is thinking in black and whites. I think everything in life is nuanced, not just religion. Science is nuanced: For everything we "know", there are 10 things we don't. Relationships are nuanced: Highs and lows are normal and liking and disliking things in others is normal. Jobs are nuanced: I've never met someone who loves their job 100% of the time haha... You get the point. 

For me, accepting nuance means accepting things for what they are, instead of trying to change them into what they can't be. 

How to deal with church when you're an "evil democrat"?

I know Jesus wasn't political... BUT. If we look at some democrat values... I'm not entirely convinced Jesus wouldn't support them... ,hahahaha. Jesus was all for sharing, being kind and welcoming, and loving everyone. He spent his time with the most marginalized people and stood up for them. I have a hard time imaging Jesus supporting a border wall? Or kicking immigrants out of the country. I can't imagine him supporting capitalism that leaves 99% of the wealth with 1% of the population. 

I mean, you could surely argue that his ideology aligns with Republican values as well. But, all I'm saying is that I don't think Jesus would have thought Democrats are evil haha. And I'm biased, but I do think a lot of what he believed in (equality, equity, forgiveness, sharing, love, acceptance) is align with Democratic values. 

Do you have advice for dating outside the church but wanting to keep the same standards (i.e., no sex before marriage, no drinking, etc.)

I mean, I immediately go to my therapist hat which is: Figure out what your values are, what your comfortable with in partner, and then communicate that with your partner so you know if you're compatible. I don't think necessarily needs to be in your Tinder bio or talked about on the first date haha. But, if you meet someone and have a genuine interest after getting to know them more, then I think it's good to let them know where you stand.

Is staying in the church the end all be all for salvation?

I'm going to refer back to my answer on the last question of this post

How do you feel about the members relationships with prophets? Sometimes it seem like they put the prophet's words above Christ's teachings. 

I would say I agree, this does happen, but that it is align with the religion. Mormons believe in continuing revelation which essentially means what the current prophet says trumps what past books/prophets have said. We also believe the prophet is a mouthpiece for God and Jesus' will. So, if a member does put the prophet's words above Christ's teachings, I think that aligns pretty well with what the religion believes. 

Talking to boundaries/family around how you love your faith vs how they think you should?

What they think you should do has no meaning to you. It's just someone's opinion. Are we also going to wear what people think we should wear? And love the shows they think we'll love? I think the main problem here is seeking validation from people we're not going to get it from and not being able to self-validate. What other people think of you is none of your business. Only you can know what's best for you. Whatever way you have/don't have faith... that's your choice! Don't seek approval from others for your decisions. And don't let their opinions make you question your decisions. No one knows you as well as you do, therefore no one is in a better decision to make YOUR decisions than... you. :) 

(I'm saying this so casually, but it took me like... tons of therapy to learn that haha.)

How did you decide to stop wearing your garments? Do you feel unqualified to attend the temple because you don't wear them?

Temple qualifications make me lol because it's just some dude in the bishopric determining my "worthiness". I've heard so much variability between what one bishop passes off vs what another would withhold a recommend for. So, "do I feel unqualified" vs "am I unqualified" are different questions. I guess I'll find out what I'm "qualified" for during my next temple recommend interview. 

Also, I never said I decided to stop wearing my garments 😊. People seem to want to label me as Mormon or Ex-Mormon and I can't stress "Mormonish" enough hahahaha. The religious things I do wax and wane, sometimes I am more Mormon, sometimes I am less Mormon. I never make permanent decisions about anything, because like I said above, I love nuance and living in the gray area. And I am always learning more about this religion, as well as seeing this religion change. Garments are the same nuanced thing for me. My relationship with them will wax and wane, but I don't think I'll ever force myself into making a final decision to wear them or stop wearing them. 

I also think this question is mostly asked as people are searching for some sense of validation/approval/community. My answer is and always will be: You do you and no one else's garment wearing or not wearing should determine what you're comfortable with. Religion and spirituality is a personal journey and regardless of what someone else does, you have to find comfort and validation in yourself and your relationship with what you believe in.

What are ways converts can come off wordly things such as coffee, since we have to?

I'm not sure I'm the best person to answer this, because I was raised in the church and in Utah (aka Mormon-land nonetheless haha). My suggestions would be to find replacements for the routines you already have. Like find a non-coffee drink you like in the morning, or a non-coffee drink at the coffee shop you used to frequent. I know a lot of people like Crio Bru and it's Mormon approved. 

I'm also betting there is probably a Facebook group out there for converts where you could ask this and get good suggestions! I know there are a few for LDS newlyweds, and LDS women and healthy sexuality (or at least I think that's what they're called). 

How do you feel about paying tithing?

A lot better now that I have 100% of my money go to the humanitarian fund. This is another one of those "am I qualified" vs if a member of the bishopric will think I am qualified during tithing settlement haha. I guess I'll find out! If they don't count it as tithing, I might look into donating 10% of my income to some other places, since I'm going to be marked as not paying anyway lol. But, as a whole, I'm all for donating money!


That's it for this week! Kinda a hodge podge of random questions, but it was fun to switch it up! Make sure you check out my past posts for answers to the following questions:

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Last week's post I answered: I'm scared about the temple endowment and initiatory and what I understand to be a 1/2 lack of informed consent. What can I know about it/where can I find information to be ready beforehand? Why do Mormons think that wearing bikinis or crop tops is a sin? Thoughts on new age practices? (Yoga, meditation, crystals, psychics and that spiritual energy that can be found in physical objects.) I totally believe in it, but some members say that's against Mormonism. Do you believe the church is true?

Until next week!


Your Mormon-ish Internet Friend,

Emmy Coletti

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Thanksgiving Pandemic Style

We were originally going to go to a cabin in Washington with our friends from Utah this year for Thanksgiving, but when the mayor rolled out the new restrictions, we decided it was probably best to cancel. Especially with COVID-19 spreading so much, it just didn't seem like a good plan! So, we just did our own little thing this year. We usually don't really celebrate Thanksgiving/eat Thanksgiving food unless we're with family. But, it sounded good to the baby this year lol so we went for it! 

I'll link all the recipes we used. I made the stuffing the night before and it was surprisingly really good!  Just reheated it in the oven while the sweet potatoes cooked and it was good as new. The sweet potatoes were Ruth's Chris copycat and turned out sooo good! They were the main thing I was looking forward to, so I'm glad I wasn't disappointed lol. The rolls had a good flavor, but were definitely more like biscuits and didn't rise properly. And then the turkey... well ok, it was good, but I am paranoid about getting foodbourne illnesses lol. So I didn't eat much, but did just heat up a second helping and it was white which I think means it was safe to eat?? I never cook meat so I know nothing FML. I asked J what he thought of it and he said, "It was the most forgettable part of the meal" hahaha so guess I wouldn't recommend the recipe we used! 

We went on a lil' walk around Green Lake and have been just chillin' at home since! It's weird to think this will be our last Thanksgiving just the two of us. We'll have to establish some sort of traditions in the future haha. 


Monday, November 23, 2020

First Trimester Q&A

I actually started writing one of these when I was in my actual first trimester and I just felt dumb haha. I am not a super sentimental person. And while I am excited to have a baby etc., I think there's a little bit of an expectation for these subjects to be all I think and talk about. And that hasn't been true for me. Growing up in Mormon-land, it's really drilled into you that motherhood is the most important thing and I definitely think I've been feeling a little bit of a pressure/expectation to be wayyyy more into all this stuff than I have been so far haha. I'm accepting that I'm excited, but it's not my whole life right now. I'm still working as a therapist and running my private practice, doing creative projects on the side, dealing with a pandemic, and I was dealing a lot with what I expect will be the most important election I'll see in my life haha. So, yeah! I don't know if any of that will make sense to anyone but my future self reading this back, but basically I wanted to write all this out so I wouldn't forget the experience, while also remembering that it's ok if I'm not spending all my free time researching and planning baby stuff haha. (I mean what would my Animal Crossing villagers do if I just stopped showing up?! 😂).

But, without further ado, let's get into all the deets! And thanks for sending me questions on Instagram because I wasn't sure what I should document from this trimester haha so it definitely helped! (Also we took these pictures the day before we left Utah and it was the first time I got full ready in while lol.) (My dress was thrifted, but is the Free People "Spell On You" dress. Boots were also thrifted, but you can buy them here.)

How did you find out?

I was actually using an ovulation tracking bracelet (the Ava bracelet which I really liked!) to prevent pregnancy. Then, we used it when we were actively trying to get pregnant. So, I was tracking my ovulation/periods etc. and when I was a day or two late I went and took a test and it was positive! I was excited, but I didn't cry or anything. I actually never cried. I think the closest I got was when I told Jake and my eyes did well up a bit haha. 

How/when did you tell people?

I told Jake that day! So I think I was like, 4 weeks pregnant or something haha. It's so weird how they count the two week between your period and ovulation as "pregnant". I asked him if he wanted anything from Taco Bell and he annoyingly said "no" for literally the first time I have ever heard haha. Threw a little bit of a wrench in my plan, but it still worked out! I'll put together the video clips one day and post the video on Instagram probably. 

We were staying with my mom over the summer (when I found out) and Jake didn't think he'd be able to keep a secret lol so we told her that day or the day after. I'd always told her I'd put a bun in her oven when I am pregnant, so it was a little inside joke and nice that we were in Utah to be able to do it! 

I wanted to wait until we were out of the risky zone to tell everyone else, so we told the rest of my family and Jake's family I think after 12 weeks or so! I had pretty bad morning sickness, so Jake told his family alone. He took them a Mini Cooper toy car with the ultrasound pictures and then gave it to them as a gift. The way the pictures were folded they thought it was a receipt lol, but once he told them to look at that too they got it! I Marco Polo-d my grandma and texted my siblings. My sister thought I was joking and FaceTimed me so fast hahaha. 

How did you feel? Any body changes? Any morning sickness?

I didn't really notice any body changes. But morning sickness... Yup haha. Please enjoy this collection of Vomit Self-Portraits. (Please note this is not indicative of how much I threw up haha.)

I probably didn't leave the house for a few weeks. This is where I was grateful to be working from home and not having to go do in person sessions! I was also really happy to have my mom and Jake around to serve me so many snacks hahaha. We ended up being in Utah for basically my whole first trimester and it was really nice to be in my childhood home, with a yard for Tucker, a cold basement for myself, and two people to bring me food hahaha. Oh, and last thing I was happy about: I usually did feel better after throwing up! And I was always home so I always had a toilet to throw up in. 

But! I did start taking Unisom at some point and that did help a lot! I think I was only vomity from like... weeks 7-14ish. I went like a week or two without vomiting and that's when I started taking my Ritual prenatal because I thought my body could handle it... and then I threw up like 10 minutes before we left to drive back to Seattle lol. 

Any cravings?

Nah, just was focused on what I could stomach haha. I ended up eating a lot of cereal, fruit, and crackers. 

What prenatal vitamin did you take?

I started taking a gummy one because the ones I took with iron pre-pregnancy made me feel sick. However, taking the gummy ones got hard bc I had to eat 3 a day and the last thing I wanted to eat was candy lol. I also tried the Ritual pre-natal that is supposed to have a no-nausea iron release, and I'm pretty sure that one made me vomit lol. So, I stopped taking them pretty much! 😬

Are you going on a babymoon?

Nope, not while we're in a pandemic lol.

Any names picked out?

Nope. We've got a list, but mostly disagree on them lol. Plus I want to wait until we see her before deciding. 

How did you learn the sex?

We did the 10 week test that looks at chromosomal abnormalities as well as sex. Although I am kind of bummed because it means we missed out on getting the optional 16 week (or whenever it is) ultrasound pic that reveals the sex. So we just have the 8 week one where the baby is a little glob haha. 

What did you do to prepare?

Nothing until we got back to Seattle. (Excluding the obvious doctor visits.) Even then, I really only started clearing out my office (the nursery to-be) and buying some cute baby clothes. I do plan to do a newborn sleep class, breastfeeding class, and whatever the birthing or new parent class is offered by my hospital. Other than that, I'm not planning on reading tons of books or anything because I feel like it has been suiting me (and my anxiety) so far to just take things as they come. Too much information stresses me out lol. 

If/how much/what connection did you feel toward baby?

Not a whole ton. It's kind of just a theoretical thing until they're actually here... ya know? Like I think it will be fun and I'm looking forward to it, but I am not really the daydreaming about motherhood type. I don't want to get too set on expecting things being a certain way, so I'm just not thinking about it too much. 

Favorite moments: 

Probably the 3 weeks before I was sick haha. And seeing/hearing people's reactions when we told them haha. 

What are you most nervous for?

I am pleasantly surprised to say I am not like, extremely nervous for anything. I was very anxious pre-pregnancy but was pretty chill once I got pregnant. I was (and still am) a little nervous about postpartum and Jake not recognizing the signs and me doing something extreme, but I already have a therapist who specializes in postpartum and I plan to just schedule appointments with her every 2 weeks for a few months just to check in. And I'm going to make Jake learn a lot about it and what to look for haha. Since we don't have family nearby, it's kinda all up to him to notice if I am not acting like myself haha. I know I am a therapist, but I don't think it matters, because when it's your mental health it's hard to know what's normal and not. I have also been happy to see that my providers screen for it as well. 

What are you most excited for?

Just the change up! We've been married for 7 years and things were getting a little dull around here. It will be fun to see what her personality is like, what she looks like, new challenges and problem solving, milestones, having another human being to experience the world with, etc. 

And, that's a wrap! If I missed anything that I should document, comment/DM/text me haha. 



Thursday, November 19, 2020

Breast Reduction Q+A + 3 Year Update

Not gonna add photos to this post bc I want to keep it somewhat body positive!  

What size were you before and what size are you after?

This was by and far the most asked question haha. Before I was an F cup! (Maybe bigger but stores only go up to DD so it's hard to tell lol.) Every single day I had Jake rub my back because it hurt so much lol. Now, I am probably a D? Maybe a DD? Also harder to tell because #pregnant. But, my back pain is gone! Which was the whole goal of the surgery,

I do know they removed 316 grams from one and 233 grams from the other. 

Was your first surgery a reduction also? Or an augmentation?

Yup! A reduction!

What were the problems the surgeon had to fix in the second surgery?

So this is where I think just my body was made this way and this probably wouldn't happen to a lot of you. So, basically the skin between my boobs is lifted and doesn't lay totally flat against my sternum. (I think it was like this before the surgery, but I'm not entirely sure. I know in my pre-op photos I definitely didn't have a lot of space between my boobs so I think it's just how my body is. It also would have been a really rare thing if the lifted skin was the result of the reduction surgery.) Also my incisions were a little bit crooked! So, the second surgery was to see if she could liposuction the space between my boobs to get it to lay flat and to fix the original incisions to end at the same place.

The incisions definitely look a bit better now, but my skin is still lifted! I debate on whether or not I'll get it "fixed" one day, but I'd for sure want to wait until after I am done breast feeding before I consider it. But, even then, it doesn't seem like there's a great surgery for it and it's just an aesthetics thing. Like how many people see my boobs anyway?? Lol so it doesn't matter to me a whole ton. I don't have any pain and am worried that if I got another surgery where they put sutures between my boobs to get the skin to lay flat, it would cause a lot of pain or complications etc. So, as of now I'm rolling with my body's quirks and most likely will in the future too! 

So, I think for most people who get a reduction, it's just the one surgery! So plz don't be scared about it due to my story haha. 

Scared of losing feeling/my nipples dying?

Oh for sure! I was way scared of "nipple necrosis" as they say lol. I told my surgeon I wanted to be able to breastfeed, and I think she performed the surgery in a way that never cut off blood supply to my nipples. Mine didn't die but I know some people's do! So just a thing to talk about with your surgeon for sure! 

I also do still have some numbness in some areas! Not in my nipples, bc like I said, she didn't really cut anything off there, but the lower part of each boob is a little numb in some places. Doesn't really matter a whole ton to me though!

And then not a question, but re: comments about shame about having big boobs: 

I still would have gotten the surgery due to back pain, but I do wish I would have embraced the "look" a bit more. Growing up in a conservative culture, you're told to cover up all the time and "not to be a temptation" to the boys. *gag*. So, I felt like I had to stick to a very specific fashion/dress. However, as I am watching The Bachelorette, I am seeing Taysia with big boobs similar to where I was at and she rocks them! She dresses so cute and I wish I would have had more "fashion icons" if you will that had my body shape than the stick thin fashions I saw. The community I grew up in is definitely a little "cleavage phobic" lmao and I feel like that contributed to me (and lots of you from my DMs) feeling the need to cover up a lot... which is sooooo hard with huge boobs haha. So, shoutout to Taysia for being the fashion icon for rockin' huge boobs! 

I hope that helps! It's definitely a personal decision and I don't think you can go wrong either way! For the sake of my back, I'm really glad I got it done. A lot of people told me to wait until after I had kids bc they would shrink then, but that was too long to wait haha and I'm glad I did it when I did! I will definitely be interested to see if I can breast feed, but also I will not be extremely upset if my baby has to take formula. 

I think the biggest thing is just to know the potential negative side effects and consider if you could live with them/if they would be worth it for the benefits. 

Hope that helps! 



Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Ask A Mormonish Girl - Part 3

    (Hi! Before we get into today's post: If you enjoy these posts, please sign up for email notifications! It basically just means you don't have to wait until I post a link to these posts on Instagram. You'll get an email with a link to it! Just look for the gadget on my sidebar or at the bottom of my site 😚 Thank you, as always, for all the love and support!)


    Hello and happy Tuesday! (I am 2 days late with this post haha.) We are back for another round of "Ask A Mormonish Girl", where I answer the questions you all submitted via my question box on Instagram over the past week! So far, I've really enjoyed this series and hearing that so many of you feel seen and heard. 


    My goal for these posts is always to share my thoughts (note they are my thoughts, and not necessarily the church's doctrine/beliefs) in a respectful way and create a middle path where people feel they can participate in the religion while still having concerns and reservations. I'm constantly promoting imperfect relationships, and I think we need more room for imperfect relationships with the church. I'm tired of this weird cultural where any sort of questioning or calls for betterment are labelled "anti-Mormon", shut down and shamed. The church needs a variety of voices and it is a direct result of these diverse voices, questioning, and calls for betterment that we have seen so many changes in the past. (Kids of LGBTQ+ parents now allowed to be baptized, more feminist changes in the temple, birth control being allowed lol, etc.)


    So, here's to unorthodoxy and irreverence, to respectfully voicing concerns, and to expecting more from that which expects more from us. 😎 Enjoy the post!


I'm scared about the temple endowment and initiatory and what I understand to be a 1/2 lack of informed consent. What can I know about it/where can I find information to be ready beforehand?


    Hmmmm. This is an interesting question. I'll just be honest and say I haven't heard much about a lack of informed consent in the temple specifically. (I do remember A Thoughtful Faith had an episode about trauma informed care, where I think they did mention a lack of transparency. To this I would agree.) I'll talk more about this in the last paragraph. For now, let's start at the beginning. 


    For me, there were two things that helped when I first went through the temple. The first was having someone sit me down beforehand and walk me through what you do. I'm not sure if this is allowed actually lol. But, someone I am very close to (and who is active and attends often) was like, "I don't want you to be weirded out or confused, so let me tell you a little more about what to expect." I'll try to be vague in the name of respecting it all, but they showed me some stuff you only see in the temple and told me what to expect. At this point I had also studied other religions and I mean, they all have their unique ceremonies that could appear "strange" to an outsider. So, I was kind of expecting a lot of symbolism and stuff like that anyway.


    The second thing that helped me was curiosity. In our church, what happens inside the temple is not talked about a lot. I do wonder how much of this is cultural and people not wanting to be shamed by others vs actual orders written somewhere lol. But, ultimately I was just curious about this thing people always talked about lol. I've always been a "try to make it work" type person, so ultimately going through the temple for the first time I was just like, observing and cataloging to process later. 


     I honestly can't remember anything too shocking or that bothered me immensenly. (Actually, someone's phone did go off, which I hear is actually unheard of haha. I took it as a sign of like, "Ok, no matter how much I don't know or don't do "right", at least I didn't bring my phone in here when they specifically asked me not to haha.) Once again, I believe religion is always influenced by the culture at the time and the temple I think is no different. I wasn't expecting myself to agree with everything, understand everything, or love everything. My only expectation was to be open and respectful to new information and take my time chewing over how I felt about it all. 


    Ok, now for the lack of informed consent. Informed consent is an interesting term to use. In my therapy practice, I have to have specific "informed consent" paperwork, so that's where my lens is coming from. To me, informed consent means giving someone enough information that they know everything in order to make a decision they are comfortable with. In essence, all the cards are laid on the table and there are no surprises. I would say you don't know a lot about the temple before you experience it for yourself. The idea behind this is to keep things sacred, and honestly, seeing as how other religions have been criticized and attacked, I can understand that. However, I can also see how it could be daunting to go through something when you have no idea what's about to happen. Thus, the person in my life who told me what to expect was very helpful, and honestly, if someone came to me about to go through the temple, I would probably do the same. If the intention is to comfort and inform, I believe in a God who would be happy with that and encouraging of us bringing people to his "holiest house", as we believe temples are. 


    Back to the "informed consent" question though: I don't feel like you consent to anything without being informed of it beforehand. Granted it's been a while since I've been to a temple, but from what I remember, everything is explained to you before you make any commitments/consent. So, I wouldn't necessarily say it's not informed consent. I couldn't remember what they say about leaving, so I consulted with an active, returned missionary who informed me that at the beginning of the session they announce that if you are uncomfortable at any time you are welcome to leave.) I can definitely see the sweet, older workers (it's not always elderly people who work there, but it often is) trying to comfort someone and encourage them to stay. But, if you were really dead set on leaving, you could. 


    So, that's my two cents on first temple experiences! Don't be scared. All religions have "strange" ceremonies. There is no animal sacrifice or nudity or... anything extreme like that. It's just a bunch of symbolism as is the case in most religions. Also, you typically have to do an interview with a bishop and stake president before going through, so you could ask them as well what your options are for leaving if you start to feel uncomfortable/sick/panicky. Anyway! I hope that helps! I'm going to have an RM and active member proofread this before I publish, because I don't want any trolls telling me I "revealed" secrets of the temple haha. 

    A few things you might find helpful. (These are all church links so don't be scared to click!) This post tells you a little about what happens in the temple. You can see pictures of the types of rooms (and their meaning/purpose) here. And I actually feel like this video does a pretty good job telling you what happens during a temple endowment ceremony. This letter talks about the changes to the temple ceremonial clothing. 

I'm going to do a few quicker questions next, because whew! Turns out I can really rattle on when I get going haha. 

Why do Mormons think that wearing bikinis or crop tops is a sin? 


    I actually don't think Mormons think wearing bikinis or crop tops is a "sin", per say. We are advised to be "modest in dress" and there's a culture where you're encouraged not to wear a bikini. But if you do, it's not like you have to confess it to the bishop or anything haha. 

Thoughts on new age practices? (Yoga, meditation, crystals, psychics and that spiritual energy that can be found in physical objects.) I totally believe in it, but some members say that's against Mormonism.


    I don't think any new age practices are against Mormonism. I mean, what are they specifically saying about them goes against the religion?? I'd be interested to hear the arguments. But, I mean, especially yoga, that's exercise for a lot of people! Meditation as well is a really well researched positive thing to do for mental health. Psychics... that one I could see more of an argument with as it gets into the whole "do we have free will/agency or is life pre-determined", but I mean eh. I don't see a strong argument against it there even. I might write about this more in the future as I get more comments/DMs about what the arguments are that new age practices are against the teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. You've got me intrigued now haha.

Do you believe the church is true?


    I believe a lot of churches have a lot of truths. If I was a God and my main goal was to get people to have me in their life, I would definitely create a lot of avenues/religions to get people there, as I would assume there was going to be a lot of cultural/personality differences. 


Whew! That's all for today, folks! Make sure you check out my past posts for answers to the following questions:

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Until next week!


Your Mormon-ish Internet Friend,

Emmy Coletti