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BRB Social Distancing

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Gonna attempt to start daily blogging again. We are currently in the midst of the "COVID19" outbreak and I have much anxiety haha. So, I'm attempt to do allllll the things to make myself feel better.

For future people reading this after it has blown over: Long story short there is this virus going around called COVID-19 and it's officially been declared a "pandemic" by the World Health Organization. It originated in China, where it killed a bunch of people and shut down the entire city of Wuhan. After which it spread to Iran and Italy, where it then infected so many people that Italy's healthcare system got overwhelmed and they are having to triage and turn people away.

It has now come to the United States, and guess where it hit first?? If you guess Seattle, my current home town, you would be correct!

As someone with health anxiety this has been a nightmare, but I am holding on. Health anxiety is basically being worried all the time there is something wrong with you, health wise. So you look things up a lot and get really panicky about being sick and Google things like "stomach pain behind belly button" and then become convinced you have a parasite so you call your mom who is a nurse who then has to talk you down that you are fine.

My anxiety has been bad lately. I have gotten two random panic attacks which is new. Then I started going to anxiety to address my health anxiety and then COVID-19 happened so lmao jokes on me!

Anyway. As a 20-something year old, my chances of dying are higher than with the flu, but still pretty slim overall. Most people who are dying from it are elderly and/or with underlying health conditions. But, anyway, so yeah it's so many people that the healthcare system is panicking about not having enough ventilators/supplies for people, thus the shutting down of everything.
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It's really eerie and strange to see empty shelves and parking lots. Everyone is being a douch bag and buying out all the toilet paper and hoarding food. Although we were able to find milk today. It's mostly like pasta and beans etc etc that are sold out.

I am still going in to work (lol) which is a weird thing on its own. I am between a rock and a hard place. Am I hurting others by continuing to meet with clients in person? Am I contributing to the spread? But then if I only do Telehealth, am I failing to maintain my ethical duty to my clients and help them through this hard and traumatic time??

As far as what other therapists are doing, it's pretty mixed. Some are only doing Telehealth, and others are giving it as an option, but otherwise continuing to see clients and sanitizing more. The schools are shut down until April 24th though. My boss has encouraged us to continue sessions as normal, which I see the value in, but then again it's easier to prevent a disease than treat it. And even though I am just one person, maybe me seeing 20 people could spread it?? Idk ugh it's stressful.

I am definitely sanitizing in-between each client so I'm guessing the risk is minimal, but the more I type, the more I feel like I want to encourage my clients to do online because it just seems like the right thing to do in this situation. Maybe I will ask my mom, ha.

Oh, but the Sound transit system has seen a 45% decrease in people who ride! Wild huh? And schools have been cancelled in New Mexico and Utah, even though they don't have that many diagnosed cases yet, which is good.

The other thing is they aren't testing that many people, so the chances that people are just walking around in the community with it are pretty high. But, symptoms are mild for most people so people aren't thinking too much about it. But, I think the anxiety about it is good because it is motivating people to do everything they can to prevent the spread, which is good.

Anyway, like I said, I am trying to decrease my anxiety so I went on a run with Jake and Tucker today on the trail by our house, made some dinner, and am now blogging. The trail was nothing special and there were like 4 urban survivalist (the nicer term for "homeless people") camps surrounded by much trash lol, but I still think I want to stay in this neighborhood for another year. I will probably just start stopping off at Green Lake for a run or get a treadmill.

- - - - -

P.S. I also bought a puzzle to help with anxiety things and turns out it's too big for my coffee and dining table lolololololol


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