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Portland Guide 1/2

Sunday, January 26, 2020
One of the things that excites me most about living in a new place is all the weekend trips! We made the 3 hour drive down to Portland over Martin Luther King Jr. day weekend and it was honestly so much fun! I am totally sold on Portland and want to go back ASAP. There was amazing art everywhere, and the food was SO good. Oh, and the people were really nice, too. 10/10 trip overall!

We stayed at this Airbnb (super affordable) and it was in the prettiest neighborhood, that I am obviously now convinced I need to move to lol. Anyway, here's a little guide to what we did and what you should do too!

We started with Pine Street Biscuits and I would 10/10 recommend, especially the "veggie reggie". (I got mine without the veggie sausage.) There was a line when we went, so be prepared for that, but it went relatively fast. Afterward, we walked up and down Alberta street to look at the murals, which was also something I would recommend. There were tons of fun shops along the way as well!

After our walk, we drove around the city a bit and then got donuts at Blue Star. Everyone says Blue Star donuts are better than Voodoo donuts... I feel like they are just different? Voodoo has a really cool, artsy feeling. I mean, you can get a donut shaped like a voodoo doll with jelly in the middle lol. Blue Star is definitely more minimal and clean feeling. I'd say you can't go wrong with either!

It gets dark at like 5:00pm during winter in the pacific northwest, so we saw 1917 (so good by the way!) and then grabbed pizza. It was late when our movie got out, so I googled around for pizza, and lo and behold we stumbled on the cutest little place! It's a food truck called Ash Pizza. We walked down this cozy alleyway to a cute little seating area with a couple food trucks and twinkle lights.

The pizza was amazing, too! I got the mushroom and olive, which had lemon zest and arugula. 

Overall, our first day in Portland sold us! If you have any recommendations for things we need to do next time, let me know!

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Harry Potter Studio Tour: London Day 5

Thursday, January 9, 2020
I'm so glad we did the Warner Bros studio tour! It's a 2ish hour drive outside of London and a must for any Harry Potter fan. This is where they actually filmed all the movies and they have so much from the original sets. It was so fun to literally walk through the dining hall, see Harry's cupboard under the stairs, Privet drive, the bus, etc. etc. But, I think my favorite was the Forbidden Forest! I don't know, now that I write this out it's hard to choose just one!

They also had all the robots/props and it was so interesting to see them so up close! My favorite was the weird, naked baby Voldemort lol. 

I would say the only downsides to it are that it's definitely an all day type of thing and the food options weren't as expansive as Universal Studios in Florida. They did have butter beer, though! Also, it's definitely a museum, so don't go expecting rides/an amusement vibe like Universal Studios. There is one part where they have a "dragon attack" and it's pretty cool to see how they made it look so real using a screen, but that's as "amusement park" as it gets.

Overall, I'd recommend it if you are a super Harry Potter fan and want to know the behind the scenes of everything! And if you have enough time to spend a whole day on this excursion. We had enough time and I'm glad we did it!