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London Canal Tour and Camden Market: London Day 5

Sunday, November 17, 2019
Our last full day started out with breakfast at Drury, a cute little coffee shop. The decor was cute and the food was good! The orange juice was fresh squeezed and my avocado toast had a lemon juice flavor that was amazing!

After breakfast we booked it over to Little Italy to hop on a canal tour to Camden Market. We literally made it seconds before they took off haha. We went with Jason's Canal Tour and it was alright. The boat was cute and he knew his stuff, the only disclaimer I would give is that he was pretty sassy so be ready for that haha. 

It was a cute way to get to Camden Market! I will walk, bus, drive, boat... anything over taking underground transportation haha. We got Burgers and Beyond burgers and they were AMAZING. According to Jake, a 10/10 (he only gives a 10 once... so this is a big deal). The churros from La Churria were great as well. 

After Camden Market we headed to the train station to figure out transportation for the Harry Potter studios... but that's a post for tomorrow ahaha. I have literally 100 pictures from this day so I've got to break it up somehow haha. 

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