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Biking Around Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace, Eating Indian Food, and Getting Scurred!: London Day 4

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Day 4 started out with us going to Big Ben only to discover it was covered in scaffolding haha. I totally knew this, but when we were on the London Eye I thought I saw it uncovered! So, we walked over to Westminster Abbey where we happened to run into a climate change protest. It was really cool! There were police every where and people holding signs and demonstrations. There were people "handcuffed" around barrels using plastic. It was really cool to stumble upon!

Next on our list was Buckingham Palace. Walking through the city was one of my favorite things. Look at how pretty it all is!

We stumbled on the cutest little wedding dress store that used to be a school house. They had the cutest little garden area with all these quotes and decorations.

Buckingham Palace was crowded, but cool, as you could predict. I wonder what it would be like to live in a place constantly being surrounded by people. 

At one point, a procession of uniformed men on horses came through. Although I'm not quite sure why haha. It was cool to see!

Also how amazing is this statue of Queen Victoria? It's right outside Buckingham Palace and 18 feet tall!

How pretty is this street?! I am sad our outfits are so ugly and clashing haha it would have been the perfect couple photo from the trip! Our friends look so cute though!

Next up was Hyde Park. We saw some bikes on our walk in and decided it would be a good way to see the park. You can rent them via a little kiosk right there and just return them to any open slot. It's a great way to see things! It also wasn't too hilly which was nice. 

After bikes we grabbed a quick lunch somewhere I can't remember the name of. We stopped in at an antique bookstore where they had books that were like $3,000! I almost knocked something over with my backpack so we didn't stay long haha. Then we walked to Daunt Books. 

(This is one of my favorite photos I took!)

Daunt was such a cool bookstore! I ended up getting the prettiest Rupi Kaur book. They have two levels and such a pretty layout. 

After the bookstore we went to dinner at Dishoom. London is known for its Indian food and we wanted to do it right! You have to make reservations ahead of time, and even then they only accept reservations for certain hours, but it's definitely worth it! 

Now for my anxiety attack of the day: We had bought tickets to see The Woman In Black and I was thinking it wouldn't be that scary. So, I googled it just to read reviews and started reading reviews like, "the scariest play", "it gets pitch black", "you might see the woman in black in the audience" and panicked. TO ADD TO THIS: Our seats were on the back row right by the aisle. Oh, and the entrance was in the back. So, literally we would have been PRIME targets. 

I kept googling if someone pops out or if the woman in black walks out into the audience, but couldn't find any answers and was getting more anxious by the second. At dinner, I couldn't even really eat my food because I felt so sick and my tummy was doing those flip flops haha. 

I decided I would ask someone at the theatre if something was going to pop out or come into the audience, and if they said yes I would just switch our seats. Jake and Tyler were really nice and went back to the apartment to drop off our food, which I was too anxious to realize was only my food hahaha. And then they came and met me and Lauren at the theatre. I asked the front desk guy twice if something was going to grab me or pop out and he said no, so I decided to just keep our regular seats. 

And I survived! The play was really good. No one grabs you or anything haha. Overall I would recommend!


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