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Windsor Castle, Bath, Stonehenge and A Secret Harry Potter Tavern: London Day 3

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Day 3 was our tour day! We left at like 7:00am (ish), took an Uber to the bus station and then took a bus to Windsor Castle. It was such a cute little area! And also so cool to tour the castle. I guess the queen spends her weekends there. It was amazing seeing all the different rooms. They have a separate dressing room from the closet from the bedroom and just insane stuff like that. 

After Windsor Castle we went to Bath! I would actually love to do like a full day or two there one day. It was so cute and quaint! And apparently one of the safest cities in the world (!!!). We toured the Roman baths which was really cool. It's a hot spot for musicians right outside and we got to hear the most amazing violin player. We walked through a chapel afterward, grabbed fudge and ice creamed, and wandered around. 

Back on the bus for our trip to Stonehenge. Our bus driver was so amazing and we all fell asleep and slept so well haha. I loveeeee the ambiance of like slight movement and white noise. 

Stonehenge was really cold and windy and rainy hahaha. Everyone watched a documentary on it the night before, but I accidentally fell asleep and knew nothing hahah. Anyway, it was still cool to see! 

When we got back into the city we found this random little tavern at the back of an alley and it ended up being so cool! I felt like we were in Hogsmeade haha. I got fish and chips that was delicious, as one could expect. 

Anddddd, that's a wrap! It was a long day doing all the tours, but I think so worth it. If you're going to be there you mights as well see all there is to say!


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