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The British Museum, Vegetarian Tacos, & Bibimbap Bowls: London Day 2

Sunday, October 20, 2019
We started the day out with breakfast at Salt and Pepper where J looked like a SNACK.

After breakfast we went to The British Museum, which is famous for the Rosetta Stone and some other things I can't remember. It is always crazy to me that we have stuff from like 2,000 years ago 😱

Venus and Aphrodite! I love how these are LITERAL Greek goddess and look at their bodies! Belly rolls and pooches. Still on the thinner ideal but better than some of the stick thin models we see today.

Sacrificial pigs and this little comedic actor from 300 BC! How crazy to think of something so old still being here?!?!

We had lunch at DF Tacos which I really liked! I tried both of the veggie tacos and can report they were delish. 

I think this was the day we went to Primark and it was SO busy and SO crowded. I got a bunch of clothes but didn't try them on, and it turned out that a lot of them were the wrong size and on the wrong size hangers. Lol. Jake and I went back a different, less crowded day and I loaded up! I am really sad there isn't a Primark on the West Coast. There is one coming to Chicago though!

We had dinner at Super Star BBQ and it was also SO GOOD. We got bibimbap bowls and the tofu one was so good! It's so rare to get good tofu IMO, but it was like marinated in something sweet and toasted and just DELISH. 

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