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The London Eye and Pizza: London Day 1

Sunday, October 13, 2019

I am going to try to post about this trip before I forget it all 😂

So, we went to London with some of our friends from Utah. (Jake's childhood friend and his wife, who is basically my twin.) They drove up from Utah and we flew out the next day.

The flight was ok. It was really smooth but I got a little sick and then got really panicky about being sick on an airplane. I came back from the bathroom and started clearing my space so I could feel less claustrophobic/hot and I handed Jake my camera, but forgot to get it on the way out and LEFT IT ON THE MF PLANE!! Luckily it was just my handheld camera and not my nice DSLR, but I was still bummed haha. (P.S. This is the best handheld camera: pop out/swivel screen and it shoots RAW. I have been using it for most of my photos lately.) (Wow, just saw it is wayyyy more than I thought it was and am now sad all over again.)


After we got off the plane, we dropped out bags off at a shop we found with a luggage storage app called Stasher, and got some fish n' chips from The Fryer's Delight. They were really good!

After dinner we grabbed our bags, officially checked into our Sonder, and then headed to the London Eye! It was such a pretty walk across the river, and overall I really liked the London Eye! It's this giant Ferris wheel with little pods you stand in. It was fun to be able to get 360 degree views and a nice shake up from your typical really-tall-building view. 

After the London Eye we grabbed pizza at Pizza Express. We were laughing later, because we realized it was a chain but totally thought we had happened upon some unique mom and pop place haha. How funny if we would have been like, "We went to this really good little place called Pizza Express!" It would have been the U.S. equivalent of "We went to this really good little place called Little Caesar's" hahaha. 

Anyway, it was really good!

Anddddd then we went home and crashed 😂 Overall it was a really fun beginning to our trip! Jake and I were talking today and decided that arriving in both destinations in the evening is the best, because you don't sleep on the plane (unless you're super human) and then can just go to sleep and be on whatever time zone you need to be on! Definitely something I'll be making sure to do for future trips! 

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