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Snippets From This Week

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Monday// Monday was chill. I only had work for a bit (which I can't even remember now that I'm writing this). Working 2 hours or less is my favorite because I can park in the Safeway parking lot and don't have to worry about street parking. 

Also Jake was taking a shower and I popped over the door to be funny lol.

Tuesday// All I remember about Tuesday was that the vibes were GOOD. I woke up to pouring rain, made some pumpkin hot cocoa and watched Friends for a bit. Tucker joined me!

Wednesday// Oh, Wednesday. I attempted to go to a training in Tacoma at 8:30am, but apparently Waze doesn't account for traffic so I was super late. Then, when I finally found the building, I walked around the first floor, up to the second floor, back down to the first floor, then to the other side of the building, only to find out it was actually being held on the second floor where I was before haha. It looked like the door opened to like a conference room, which freaked me out because I felt awkward about missing half of it and just waltzing in late. So, I went to a coffee shop and read this article about Social Work's broken heart which was actually really good and really interesting!

In the bathroom at the coffee shop was this little message: "Emma, I will never forget you and I will love you until the day I die". 

Afterward, I grabbed some Chick-Fil-A and met up with a new online friend, Bella. Turns out she is amazing and so funny and also loves horror movies! Social media makes me IRL friends once again haha. I'm just sad Tacoma is so far from Seattle :(

Thursday// Thursday was my busiest day in terms of work. Later that night at like 9:00pm, I saw that McDonald's had a promo with apparel if you order $10 or more on UberEats. So, I immediately ordered food that I didn't need (had already brushed my teeth and everything) BUT I got these socks! How cute right!

Friday// I didn't have work on Friday. It was a weird day. I was soooooo tired all day. I did a couple hours of work, but then took a nap for two hours?? I have this weird lump on my neck now and have had a weird feeling of a lump in my throat for a week now. Sometimes my ear hurts too and I had a headache one night. I did some google searching and got really worried I have neck cancer and then started crying??? Like what is happening hahahahahah. 

But, then I washed my hair, drank a Dr. Pepper, and went to the dog park and felt a bit better! I started diving into my book which has been soooo good. Then Jake came home and we got Little Ceasar's and watched American Horror Story.

Saturday// Saturday has been good so far. We went up to Everett this morning and picked corn with our church for the food bank. We tried some of it raw and it was actually really good! It was fun to pick corn haha. I felt like I was living in a real life Smallville movie. We were able to pick so much too. 

We came home, chilled for a bit, then took Tucker to the dog park. I made a really good quesadilla for dinner with toasted corn (fresh from the farm this morning!), green pepper, red pepper, and paprika. With avocado and salt dip and sour cream. YUMMMM.

We have been watching TV and relaxing the rest of the night. We're going to give Safeway grocery pick up one last try tomorrow morning! Oh, and our neighbors who we love our moving next week but they told us another young couple is moving in, so hopefully the new people will be just as great as the old people!

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