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Scenes From The Past Week Or So

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Sunday blogging is my new thing, apparently!

Saturday// These are the pictures I took on my actual camera of our corn picking. We went with our ward and it was really fun actually haha. I am watching Smallville right now too so it was very fitting to be picking actual corn. I said it before, but it was really good just raw off the cob!

Sunday// Jake made our cookies "cute" haha. 

Monday// I had one of those annoying work days where I had to go toward, come home to take Tucker out, go to work, and then come home for the day. Which is about 1 1/2 hours of driving haha. But hey, it's better than my 45 minute commute in Utah! Anyway, I went to lunch with my coworkers at Kiss Cafe which was a fun little thing. I was worried about driving there but I did it anyway and ended up finding one last parking spot in a parking lot right next to it, which was great! 

Tuesday// Had another day of work, home to get Tucker, back to work, and home again lol. I like our dog park a lot and am so sad they are closing it at the end of the year! I tried to get supplies to make a doormat, but Joann's didn't have blank doormats? So, I think I'll just order one on Amazon this week. Oh, and the missionaries from our church came over to give us a practice lesson (Jake signed up for it) and multiple things happened:

1. I forgot they were coming over and had to rush to change my clothes back to normal clothes instead of pajamas lol. 

2. Tucker ate my cookie out of my hand.

3. My fly was unzipped the whole time. 

What a day!

Wednesday// Since I was going to be home a lot, I made this little workspace but it turns out it cause our router to overheat so I had to take it down which was really sad lol. 

Thursday// Made myself a new screensaver

Friday// Friday was eventful! I drove downtown to get my haircut which I haven't done before because I am anxious about driving. It was actually fine. I got the last parking spot in a lot, but did have to pay $9 lol. Then that night, we went to a movie at a theatre in Bellevue because Jake got discount tickets through his work. But then we were thinking with the added drive time, tolls, and paying for the iMax upgrade, it probably didn't really save us money at all lol. Oh well! We saw Ad Astra, which I went into knowing nothing about. I didn't love it at first, but the more I watched it the more I liked it. It is definitely more of an indie drama than like an adventure drama. 

Saturday// Saturday was super chill actually! I didn't get on my computer or do any work and it was a really nice little break. Jake got a haircut, we went to Costco, I finished playing as Sally in We Happy Few, and I finished a good chunk of On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous.

A good week overall!


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