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Riding The Bus In Seattle And Being Yelled At By Homeless People

Tuesday, September 10, 2019
So, I found a hairstylist in downtown Seattle that I really like, but also driving in downtown Seattle is scary lol. I took a wrong turn and got stuck there the other day and it was NOT GOOD. Roads closed,  my nav telling me to go down one way streets, pedestrians every where, not to mention parallel parking... NO THANKS. 

So, I decided to take a bus down there instead! The ride down there was easy enough. The bus driver was really nice and guided me through how to activate my ticket. I read for a bit and was highlighting  my book. This guy next to me was like, "Ugh! Reminds me of school! My next semester is coming up!" which was really endearing because he did NOT look like someone you would think was in school.

Then, on the way back, I had the opposite experience lol. The bus driver was grumpy and PSA you don't have to show them your ticket, because POLICE come on and check them which is really fun and unique!! Also, right after I got on and sat down somewhere in the middle, this woman at the back of the bus started yelling, "YOU! HEY... YOU! YOU!! RIGHT THERE, YOU!!" To which I start cold sweating and shaking thinking... what do I say to her!?!? Luckily, I just completely ignored her and she stopped yelling and passed the cause-me-anxiety baton to a guy on the front of the bus who was angrily mumbling to himself lol. 

But!! They got after after a few stops and I survived so I am counting it as a success! I don't think I will go downtown just for the fun of it, but I WILL go down there for a great haircut.

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