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Labor Day Weekend

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

We went to my grandma's house for Labor Day weekend! I had one client on Friday morning and Jake worked until noon and then we headed out! It was so fun to be able to drive a few hours and be in Spokane! 

I got my bangs trimmed on Thursday and am making a commitment to never cut my own bangs again haha. Don't do it. Just find someone who does free bang trims!

Also, look at these words of inspiration I found in a gas station bathroom lol. 

We ran into some traffic and ended up getting there around 6:00pm. We met my mom at my grandma's house and had a yummy little dinner! It was so funny, we were talking about my grandma's Alexa and she was telling us, "Sometimes I'll ask Alexa... how tall is... Frank Sinatra?" lmao. And then my mom was showing us how Alexa can play a game where it makes noises and you guess the animal and she was like, "Alexa, play the animal game." And Alexa was like, "Ok. Think of an animal and I'll guess what it is in 20 questions or less." And my grandma turned around and under her breath said, "That's what happens when you live alone." hahahahahaha. I am laughing just typing that hahah. 

Saturday we went to Chaps for breakfast (the best!) where I got beautiful latte art and my mom became obsessed with remembering what was erased-but-still-written on the chalkboard behind us. We decided it said, "Have a great day" but it was actually "Best day ever" we found out later lol.

We stopped at Spokandy to get some delicious chocolates! I think they are called Murphy's? I also got a huckleberry creme which was amazing and apparently huckleberry is a THING in Spokane and we are NOT MAD about it. 

Then we visited my grandpa's grave! I love the cemetery he is buried at. It has like 3 levels and such pretty headstones. It's always fun to walk around a bit. 

OK SO ALSO apparently Spokane has been harboring a real life Amelie movie at Rocky Roccoco's pizza and I am like ????? JUST LOOK AT IT. 

Idk who these sidewalk ppl r but they were everywhere.

Sunday we had breakfast at The Yards and walked around Kendall Yards. Jake found a bird scooter and was riding around and it was so funny to see him zoom in and out of our vision as we walked along the trail lol. 

Oh, also, we were literally in this driveway looking and taking pictures of this house, trying to figure out if someone really lived there... and then the owner drove up hahaha. 

Later my uncle came over and we had a delicious dinner where I had A1 steak sauce for the first time in literally 10 years (it was AMAZING!!!) and played Phase 10 for a second night in a row, which was super fun!  We had many LOL moments:

My grandma: "Who is winning?"
My mom: "Jake is."
My grandma: "Ok... all things to Jake then..."

Jake: "Mina, you're like a ravenous dog who is off his leash!!!!" 

Monday we walked down Manito Boulevard as we do and admired all the beautiful houses. I would give a limb to live on a street as beautiful as Manito Boulevard ughhhh. We usually walk to Rockwood Bakery, but it was closed. So we went to Starbuck's instead and I got the FIRST PUMPKIN SPICE SCONE OF THE SEASON!! It is here!!

We packed up, my grandma gave us a bunch of yummy snacks for the road, and we headed home! Traffic wasn't too bad on the way back and it was nice to find that I was excited to be home! I guess it's safe to say I like where we live, crime and all! 

Tucker was kind of bad for his sitter lol. He peed on her floor twice and was super whiny. I think he probably got like 10 walks a day because she felt bad for him haha.

It was a fun little trip!


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