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Life Lately / Photo Dump

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

I got this NASA shirt for like $8 at Marshall's and I wear it every day I swear to you.


Sometimes my clients have the cutest style/things, but I feel like it's weird to ask them where they got it hahah. One of my clients had lilac nails and I was in love. So I grabbed the lilac Ella + Mila from Target and I'm in loveeeee.


Me and Tucker go to the dog park every day and it's actually so fun. Without a dog I would probably never leave the house let's be honest. 

Jake is cute and made me breakfast

So are these pig tails cute or nah

On the weekdays I'm like, "Let's get a treat to make today more fun" and then on the weekend I'm like, "Let's get a treat to celebrate" and it's just a vicious cycle haha. Turns out we have a Dick's pretty close to us so we got shakes and fries, which were both delish! 

The angle that comes with me laying on the floor and Tucker hovering above me is my favorite.

I put some stuff up in our room! This tapestry from India has come with me everywhere and I love it. And my gallery wall is now sitting on my dresser. I like it!

I waited so long for We Happy Few to come out and so far it has been as good as I thought it would be! Playing as Sally is so hard though. You have a baby to take care of and you have to use syringes to knock people out, which means you have to craft knock out juice and it's just a whole thing. It is fun though!

I have been obsessed with chocolate covered strawberries lately. Also Bachelor in Paradise! I am going to be so sad when it's over and we have to wait like 6 months for it to come out again argh. 

These nails are some of my favorite I've done! I love turning on a show and whipping out my nail kit haha. 

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