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Entry Way Decor!

Friday, August 2, 2019

Hi hello! I wanted to share some pics of my entryway because I am so proud lol. We move every year and I usually don't take the time or energy to make things actually cute. But we are really liking Seattle so far and I think we'll be here for a minute! So I figure it is worth the time to screw things into the walls 😂.

Here's the before!

And here's the after! We had some downtime the other weekend so I decided to redo (or just... do, I guess lol) our entryway! Special thanks to my sister for the bomb ideas! If you have been to her house you know that she is really good at decorating and making things feel cozy! 

So, let's begin! She had the cool idea to put a coat rack between the doors instead of above the shoe rack, which I think turned out so well! We had to use dry wall anchor screws and for sure leveled up in adulthood lol. Also, this coat rack was on sale for $25 at World Market! I've decided that World Market is one of my favorite stores of all time. 

Tucker really likes it down there (it is the coolest part of our un-air conditioned townhome) and sleeps down there all the time lol. He was sleeping down there when I went down there to take my pictures and subsequently photobombed everything lol. 

Isn't this the cutest rug?! It was only $20 at World Market which I feel like is such a good deal! You might not be able to tell from the photo, but it is a flat weave and feels pretty easy clean (which will be super necessary going into winter in Seattle with muddy paws and muddy shoes). One of the other things I like about it is that it stays in place really well! I didn't buy a rug pad or anything and the underside of it is traction-y (is that a word?) enough to keep it in place. 

Anyway, I feel like having a good rug is so important to tie everything together.  

(Tucker's butt lol.) Also, we bought this shoe rack on Facebook marketplace and it turned out the guy who posted it makes them. How cool, right?! I think in hindsight, I would get something like the IKEA Hemnes with cabinets that keeps the stink inside.

I think I might switch out this lavender plant with a peace lily or something. I want something scenty or air purifying because of the shoe rack, but I don't think the lavender is going to stay alive down there. We'll see! 

I found this mirror at Hobby Lobby and, of course, was able to use a 40% coupon. (We love a Hobby Lobby coupon!) I love it so much and am so glad I did a mirror instead of coat rack above the shoe rack! 

Also this doorbell was the best investment we've made! At our last house, Tucker would jump up on the door when he wanted to come in and it got the paint all scratched up. So, I bought this dog doorbell this time around. He just clicks it (on either side) and it's connected to a third part in our living room that will "ding". It's actually really funny because it has a bunch of different ring options and one is like, "*ding dong* 'how are you please open the door'" hahaha. 

It's funny to see how long he likes to be outside when he has a choice. He likes to be inside for the most part. He won't ring to go outside on his own, but if we put him out he'll usually only last 20-30 minutes before ringing to come back inside.

Anyway! I love having a cute little area right when we walk in. I think it might be an introvert thing, but my home is such a sacred place to me lol. It affects me so much and it's important to me to like my environment and feel recharged being in it.

I am excited to continue decorating the rest of our space! I think I am going to do the living room next, since that's where we spend most of our time. 

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