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Chopping My Hair + Pike's Market

Saturday, August 17, 2019
We went downtown last weekend and it was really fun! We hadn't been to Pike's yet since moving here and figured it was time. We met up with Jake's cousin at Biscuit Bitch first and it was really good! I got an egg and cheese and veggie sausage sandwich. While I do love me a good fake meat, next time I want to try the veggie biscuits and gravy. 

After brunch I got my hair cut (pics below!) and went to Pike's market. They didn't have my favorite dried fruit logs, but they did have super pretty flowers! We also stopped in at a magic shop, which I want to go back to for its photo booth!

We tried the cinnamon rolls from Cinnamon Works and it was really good! 

Ok so my haircut! I was slightly nervous about it, but am so glad I did it! It feels so nice and healthy and I feel like it suits me a bit more than my long hair. My bangs always style weird right after but I love the way she cut them and will def not be cutting my own bangs from here on out lol. If I could give anyone a life lesson, it would be: Find a hair stylist who does free bang trims and never cut your own bangs again lol. 

This picture was a joke lol. I told Jake about how girls are after they get their nails done and how they like to touch things a certain way bc cute nails. And with a cute nails cute hair combo CAN'T STOP ME NOW. Side note: One of my clients had lilac nails and I loved them so I went and bought the Ella Mila lilac color from Target and I loveeeeeee them. 

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