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Boardman Lake

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Last Saturday we drove up to Boardman Lake for a little hike. We decided to go last minute so we took Tucker, and TBH we will be sending him to doggy day care when we want to go on a hike in the future. He wasn't very good on his leash, but it was only a mile and a half so definitely doable! 

Also of note is our nav took us to the wrong place but I had screen shotted the directions at the last minute thank goodness haha. We eventually went up a dirt road and there were a bunch of potholes. I was getting a little panicky but then NO JOKE we saw a Tesla come down hahahahahaha. Jake was like ?!?!? We think he tried to go up it and then turned around, because there is NO WAY he made it all the way to the trail and back in a Tesla. 

I had to laugh when we got to the trailhead because it was literally EXACTLY the same font and coloring as the nature signs in Smallville lol. 

The hike itself was really easy. There is a little lake at the beginning, but then if you keep left and hike for about a mile you'll get to Boardman Lake. 

We chilled at the lake for a bit and it was really nice and quiet. Overall, it was a fun little adventure! 

Moment of silence for this panorama that Photoshop merged for me #technology

I had great timing and decided to watch Grizzly Man the day before we hiked lol. Although, to be honest, I wasn't that scared. I made us watch a video on bear safety and that was it. 

This is weird, but that night when we got home, I was imagining being in the woods all alone at night and for some reason the thought of that really creeped me out ugh. Not for bear reasons, but just like, creepiness reasons. 

As we were leaving, we saw this amazing view! I am so happy with our new mountains. <3 

I get nervous doing these things, but I'm always glad I did! It was good practice talking down my mental alarm system that was misfiring haha. And taking a lot of pictures always makes it more fun! I love coming home and edition and organizing them lol. It's like an extension of the adventure itself. 

We stumbled on a Wal-Mart on the way home so we grabbed some soda (it is only $2.50 for a 6 pack!!! (my friend, Hannah, would appreciate this)). I told Jake we should try Mod Pizza and then we stumbled on one of those too!

All in all, it was a good day! It is so easy for me to sit at home (which I actually love and am a major home body) but I also like a good adventure! I think we'll try to do Mount Rainier before the summer is over.

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