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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Date Night

A few weeks ago, we got Veraci pizza to go and watched The Matrix. Now I want to watch all the Keanu Reeves movies lol. Also, if you have any recommendations for wood fired pizza, please comment them down below!

Carkeek Park

A few weeks ago we went over to Carkeek park to beat the heat. We sat on some rocks and talked for a bit before going home for a movie night. I've realized living near the ocean is something I really love. 

Monday, July 22, 2019

Jake's Birthday!

Wow, sorry I am a bad wife and haven't posted about this yet! I have been busy having 3 clients a week and watching Smallville lol. 

Jake turned... 28 a few weeks ago! I had to calculate that. I feel like anything after 25 is hard to remember! Just me? 

Anyway, in true Jake fashion he wanted to go to Gordito's for dinner, so we did! I just asked him what he would rate it and he said, "Ummmm... like an 8." 

So, there's that! 

We went home to have vanilla cake with strawberry frosting (Jake's request). I feel like this cake is arguable the cutest I have ever made? I think I will make tall cakes in the future! 

Tuesday, July 16, 2019


"He makes me feel strong, because he allows me to be the strong woman that I am.

And he celebrates my boundaries."

If Hannah doesn't choose Tyler C., let's revolt.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Picnic At Golden Gardens State Park

Discovery Park Hike

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Waterfall Hair Tutorial

This shop has been compensated by Nature Box™. #NatureBoxatRiteAid #sponsored

The other day I tried out Nature Box™ 100% Cold Pressed Avocado Oil shampoo and conditioner. You can get these at Rite AidTheir products are made with 100% cold pressed oils from coconuts, avocados, apricots, almonds, and macadamia nuts. Cold pressed oils are extracted from the heart of fruits and nuts. Their cold pressing uses pressure instead of heat, no chemicals, and no refining or processing. 

I chose the avocado line for it's hair repair! The avocado products help to repair and restore hair for a healthier look. They help to renew dry hair and provide protection from split ends. 

Ok so it turns out a waterfall braid is really hard to show what to do! But I will try my best! 

Basically: Start out with a normal braid. Bring the top strand over. Then bring the bottom strand up. The only way this braid is different is instead of bringing a normal amount over the top each time, you grab some more hair. And instead of bringing the bottom strand over, you let it dangle and instead take a new section of hair to incorporate into the braid! The pictures probably help a bit more! And if all else fails, just google "waterfall braid"! I like to bring mine together in the back and tie them off into a pony!

It's just a quick easy look to do to spice it up a bit!

- - - - -

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Fourth Of July Festivities + Other Things

So I am officially back to just blogging in real time! No more back dating stuff ugh. So here's a photo dump from the week. 

We put some grass in our patio area and Tucker seems to approve! We have also been taking Tucker to the close dog park until he can be in better control of himself lol. 

Other quick things before I get into our Fourth of July: It was hot for a few days and I really panicked about if it we be unbearable in our townhome (we don't have a/c) but then it got chilly again and has been chilly since then! So, we're safe haha. Also, I started reading The Lucifer Effect and it's sooo good! Oh, also of note is our neighbor's smoke detector has a low battery and has been going off for the past few DAYS. It beeps for 10 seconds every 45 seconds and I am PRAYING they get home tonight haha. 

I tried the mushroom and truffle flatbread for our Bachelorette night and I thought it was pretty good! ALSO can we believe she kept Luke?! Garrett was annoying me so I'm glad he's gone,

And last, look at these views! I am loving the moody PNW. 

Ok! So Fourth of July things: I worked a bit in the morning and then we went to Twin Falls for a hike! We were very unprepared with me wearing jeans and Jake wearing vans lol. But, we made it and it was really cool! It was about 2 miles and was "easy". We saw kids and small dogs, so definitely one to add to your list if you want something simple. 

We got some snacks (these tootsie rolls are the best thing) and started Stranger Things, which is SO GOOD so far. It is a lot scarier than I remember the other seasons being?! 

Then we went to Gas Works Park to watch the fireworks! Someone's dog run away right as they started and I literally had to talk myself down about it. Like, "It's ok... it probably had a tag with information on it... there are so many people here and Seattle loves dogs... I'm sure someone else caught it and will call the number" lol #EmpathProbs. 

BUT also a PSA (especially for you Utah people who have 24th of July coming up) to make sure your dogs are safe inside during fireworks if they get spooked! 

It was a good Fourth of July! I got my outfit the day after though, lol. All of this was only $44! The black tank top, glasses, and shorts are from Shein and I like them so far. I'm wearing this again as I write this lol. 

Now today, we're just getting caught up on some stuff and probably going to finish Stranger Things tonight!

- - - - -