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Saturday, June 29, 2019

Sun Daze

Today was good. We went to sacrament meeting and then got some breakfast at a local coffee shop called One Cup. I got a hot chocolate and apple fritter which were pretty good, and Jake got a breakfast burrito. He says, "I don't know if I could give it a 10, but I'd give it higher than a 9. It was fantastic!!!" So, there ya go!

I moved my fiddle leaf upstair so let's hope she stays alive! 

We also took Tucker to this off leash area on the beach, but it wasn't fully fenced and he wasn't very good so we left. I get so annoyed when he doesn't listen to us when we call him. Is this normal? I feel like your dog should come when you call their name lol. I feel like it's dangerous if he doesn't! He could run away or like get in a fight with other dogs or something. 

We also got this little stand on Facebook marketplace for $60! What a steal right?

I finally finished The Act. I can't believe that's a true story! I want to read a book about Munchausen now. It's so interesting to me. 

Now we are watching I Am Mother and it's not very good lol. I hate that Netflix always recommends you their own movies now, instead of the other movies that are actually good. 

- - - - -

I Don't Know What The Point Of Anything Is But I Hope I Can Spend My Time Next To You

I am actually blogging the day of for once! Usually I back write these posts, which in hindsight I don't like because future me will think I blogged every day, but also it's too late to go back and do anything different.

Today was good! (I always say this lol.) We had a continuation of anniversary festivities.

For breakfast we went to The Guest House and it was really good! I got the breakfast sandwich and Jake got flapjacks. We each had half and they were both really good, I thought! Definitely somewhere to add to your Washington list.

We took Tucker to the huge dog park with a beach where he promptly ignored us and jetted off lol. Jk, he actually listens for the first little bit because I had treats, but he just goes to far off and then can't hear us when we call him. I really want to get him more trained because it is such a fun dog park and it would be good to go there! I was also reading about dog behavior and I feel like he might be trying to herd other dogs instead of play with them, so we are working on that too. He did pretty good at times though! We'd tell him to sit and stay and other dogs would walk past and he wouldn't look at them. So we just need to keep it up!

We went to Home Depot and got some sod for our little backyard area! I also found a fiddle leaf fig which I am super excited for! I hope I can keep it alive lol. Jake was like, "I can't believe we are spending $40 on a plant? We already have plants." And I was like, "These are usually so much more! And I want so many more plants!" Lol. He's going to be like, why is my home a jungle? 

We went to Evviva pizza for dinner and it was SO GOOD. In Jake's words, "Right up there with Juliana's". The restaurant is pretty no frills and does have a soda fountain lol, but DANG it was some good pizza! 

We got some soda from the grocery store and went home to watch Safety Not Guaranteed, which I think is in my top 10 favorite movies. 

We installed our sod first which I hope turns out well and stays alive! It definitely looks better Thant that gross dirt haha. 

We tried the Boom Chica Pop popcorn bowls and it was some of the best popcorn!! (Also these cute popcorn boxes were $1 at the Target dollar section!) We weren't tired after the movie so we started Deadpool 2 but then I fell asleep and now it's the next day and I am finishing this post! 

It was a fun little anniversary weekend though!

- - - - -

P.S. I was talking to my mom and an alarm on my phone went off. I asked her if she could hear it and she said, "Yeah, I could. What's it for?" And I said, "Oh, it's this alarm so I can customize a box of fruit. There is this company that guys back "ugly" fruit that grocery stores don't want to sell and they sell it to you and deliver it to your door for less than the grocery store. So I just need to go in and choose what fruits and vegetables I want." And she had a long, long pause and then said, "That is so weird. I never would have guessed you would say anything like that." lol 

Friday, June 28, 2019

6 Year Anniversary!

Today was our 6 year anniversary! Jake had work. I was supposed to have a consultation, but they didn't confirm it so I got to stay home! I cleaned a bunch and did some nesting in this little corner. This whole concern cost me like $50 bucks! 

Plant stand - $35, Facebook marketplace, (originally $100)
Bottom two plants - $15, Amazon
Bottom two planters - $3 each, Target dollar section
Top plant - gift
Top planter - $12, Target
Wall hangings - $3 each, a friend

Ok, so $74... if I did my math right. But still! That's a good deal right?! I love home decor stuff, but it can cost so much. I love getting good deals on things and Facebook marketplace has been my go to lately.

Also look how cute Tucker is. Laying his little head on my chest. Please note he does not hold these positions longer than 5 seconds (literally) unless you pet his nose lol. 

We originally booked a hotel in Bremerton and were going to do a drive-in movie, but I couldn't find someone to watch Tucker because it was so last minute. Well, I did find someone, but once so many people couldn't I got to thinking about it and was like ??? We could take the money we would spend on a hotel and just stay here and do cool things?

So, we cancelled the hotel and stayed home, which I think was so fun! We had dinner at Araya's Place in Bellevue, which, if you take none of my other restaurant recommendations, TAKE THIS ONE. (They also have other locations, I think one in the U district.)

They have vegan Thai food that is seriously sooooo good! And before you meat eaters knock it, Jake eats meat and LOVESSSS this place. We get the pad Thai with vegan chicken (not a lot of Thai places do this and veg/vegan people, it is SO GOOD!) and the basil fried rice. It's all soo good! Like 10/10 would recommend. If I could only recommend one place in Seattle, this would be it. I'm serious. Add it to your list right now before moving on!

After dinner we went to John Wick! Which was ok hahaha. I remember the first and second as being better! I feel like they had more of a story line. But, it was still fun! I really want to try the 21+ movie theatre they have in Bellevue where you can order actual food and they bring it to you ahah. 

When we got out of the movie it was like 1:00am, and we couldn't go back the way we had come because the mall we walked through was closed. So, we were just walking around on the street. We finally found the parking garage and as we were walking to our car we heard some guy yelling, "F***, f***, f***, f***" on the level below us. We were like ?!?!. I heard some slamming/popping/weird noise too and we were like, "NOPE" lol and got out of there fast! Jake thought it was some bros, but the guy sounded mad to me! Scary! 

 Anyway, it was a good night! I feel like I always feel like we have to do something *bIg AnD sPeCiAl* for special occasions, but really that's so much pressure and in reality I love a good dinner and a movie haha. #basic

- - - - -

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

A Happy List: 187

Seeing a guy taking pictures of sanitary pads, no doubt to send to his girlfriend/wife and confirm he is buying the right kind. 

Seeing two army guys in uniform eating Five Guys.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

A Happy List: 186

Seeing a mop dog.

Seeing a woman with a bunch of dogs at the dog park. She reminded me of a preschool teacher taking her kids out in public haha. Calling after all of them to stay with the group. It was the best thing.

Monday, June 24, 2019

I've Got Chills, They're Multiplying

Music Monday: 02

Sunday, June 23, 2019


Today started out with church which was good! Our ward seems like it will be cool and liberal haha. They just merged with another ward so some women were introducing themselves in relief society and one woman introduced herself and said, “I don’t come a lot but you’ll see my husband and children and I’ll come on special occasions” which I thought was cool and assertive. And then the lesson was cool as well. At one point they were taking about what to do with family or friends who have left the church and the teacher shared this q&a from elder Ballard where he says, “don’t preach to them! They already know the teachings. Just be loving and genuinely interested in their lives.” I thought that was cool and a good perspective! The other one I have heard a lot in Utah is “keep trying!” Hahaha which is like, noooooo! That pushes people away lol.

Then after church this girl came up to me and was like, “you look familiar? Is your sister posey and pence?” And I was like yes! Haha and e chatted. She was even wearing a posey and pence dress!

Then we took tucker to the dog park which is always fun! Jake dropped me off at my work lunch and now I am waiting for him to pick me up and writing the days events down on my phone!

My work lunch was good! It was just to meet my other coworker who I share an office with. I am really glad I have had such cool jobs after grad school! I have been lucky to find cool group practices to work in!

Later today we are going to a bbq at my uncles with my brother and his fiancé which will be fun! And we’ll get to see if the pie is good once and for all!

- - - - -

P.S. I am publishing this later and want to report that the pie was ok. I was very nervous to serve it but #FeelTheFearAndDoItAnyway. It was very soupy but everyone ate it and then it was over haha. 

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Seeing Naked People And Eating Dutch Babies

Today was good!

We started the day with brunch with my brother and his girlfriend. We went to Tilikum Cafe and split all our meals 4 ways so we could sample everything which was amazing haha. My favorite was the savory Dutch baby and baked eggs!

Then we dropped them off at the solstice parade and on the drive back home saw a naked guy from behind on a bike haha. I was like, is he really naked?! So I looked as we drove past and yup! Butt naked and on a bike! Lol

We stopped at Whole Foods and got ingredients to make the best strawberry rhubarb pie with the recipe from my friend Felicia! UGH THIS PIE YOU GUYS! So good!

So I spent like two hours making it and then it comes time to put it in the oven and my anxiety was like “NOT TODAY”! The crust was leaking butter into the bottom of the oven which was smoking so I panicked and took it out of the oven, left the house while Jake managed the situation, came back and put it in again, but it smoked again so I once again panicked and called it quits. Then our smoke detector went of just two chirps and I gave up and went up to bed, took of all my clothes (does anyone else do this when anxious?) and cried. Then realized I really wanted the pie and also need to conquer anxiety, so come back downstairs, had Jake take the smoke alarm off the ceiling, cleaned out the bottom of the oven, put a pizza pan below the pie pan, and finished cooking it: all while watching it through the oven window and opening the oven to wipe of the drips with a paper towel! I got better toward the end and just let it drip and catch in the pizza pan. So, that’s how I won in my battle with a pie!

Then we met up with my brother for dinner at Din Thai Pang (?). The wait was an hour and a half so we walked around the mall for a bit! I found lots of new books I want from the amazon book store!

When we were sitting down at a table and Jake was looking at my brothers phone that was shattered. He put it back and the backlight came on and it had a picture of my brother and his girlfriend holding up her hand with a ring on the ring finger. I was like, did they get married and not tell us?! So then when we sat down for dinner and had figured out what we were going to order I asked about it and they were like, “it happened Friday we just wanted to see how long it would take you all to notice!!!!” Lol 😂

So, that’s exciting!!!

After dinner we got molly moons (I got the yeti which was delicious), dropped my brother off and went home.

- - - - -

P.S. Funny things people said today: We were sitting at this table and my brother turns to me and asks with the most serious face, "Do you guys eat popcorn a lot?" hahahaha. 

Friday, June 21, 2019

Hi We Found Dog Park Heaven

Today was good! We went to the DMV to get Washington licenses and the guy who helped us was from Utah and has family still living in American Fork! Haha! I was reading The Lucifer Effect while we waited and MAN. It's a good book! It's about the Stanford Prison Experiment which essentially measured if a situation can turn people evil. It's interesting to read about how we all have the capability to do evil and also kind of scary. It's nice to know that knowing these things decreases your likely hood of doing them, though!

Afterward we went to Target and got a compost bin! The recycling here is no joke lol. The container we have for garbage is literally like the size of a storage box you would put your Christmas decorations in. When we moved in Jake was like, "Um.... we are going to need a bigger garbage can?" And the woman was like, "Ok, but I have seen a family of 3 get by with this size." Lol!

So, we are now recycling things and composting food instead of throwing it away! It's been fun TBH! I like this kind of thing.

We came home and our landlord's management company and a handyman were fixing my closet rod so it will hold all my clothes. They were both the nicest people! Our management guy even came to let the handyman in because he didn't want us to lose our place in the DMV hahah. People are so nice!

I took Tucker for a quick jaunt and then came home and organized some stuff! The hard thing about moving is spending all the money to move and then going into your new space and trying to figure out what goes where and where you need to buy even more things haha. I am mostly just figuring out my desk situation because a lot of what I kept in my office in Orem doesn't fit into my office in Seattle! A lot of it is notes from grad school I need to put into my computer notes anyway.

We had Beyond Meat burgers for dinner which are always delish and then went to this AMAZE dog park! Jake just picked it off of google maps because it is close to us, but OMG IT WAS AMAZING. It is literally 8.6 acres! And it has a little private beach for dogs! From the time we walked into the entrance on the west to the beach on the east side it took us probably 15-20 minutes! I like the other dog park we take him to as well, but this one is more open and easier to keep an eye on him, so I think I'll take him here when I'm alone! The only thing I will have to see with both of them is how they hold up in the rain! I'll choose whatever gets him the least muddy haha.

We stopped at McDonald's on the way home and the girl greeted us at the window to take our card and then went back to get our food. She came back with another girl and was like, "See, look how cute this dog is!" And pointed to Tucker lol. Then as we were driving away one of the girls waved at him hahaha. I love how much people love dogs here! I keep forgetting it is a really dog friendly city so it always surprises me which I love haha.

Now we are home making a cleaning schedule, planning our anniversary, and watching Get Smart which I have somehow never seen? So weird idk haha.

- - - - -

Thursday, June 20, 2019


I started this book and it's pretty good so far!

Also, here are some funny things Jake said today.

Me: "What's it like to be so cute?"
Jake: "Well, it's a blessing and a curse."

Woman driving by: "Is there a playground around here?"
Jake: "Like, for kids?"

- - - - -

Tuesday, June 18, 2019


Today was good. I took Tucker on a little jaunt amongst other things, but let's talk about The Bachelorette. Luke P... really?! I can't believe she kept him, but also it makes me sad because we are witnessing gaslighting and an abusive relationship and I feel like the franchise should be doing more to stop it maybe? Idk. I am excited to hear her thoughts on after the final rose!

- - - - -

Monday, June 17, 2019


We stopped at the cutest coffee shop before taking my mom to the airport! I got an oat milk hot chocolate, which was really good. And a breakfast sandwich that was not yo average coffee shop food. So good!

I had work and took a picture on my new couch! I like this little tradition haha. 

We had Beyond Meat sausages for dinner. They were really good! I realized that I am more of a hot dog person than a bratwurst person, but Jake really liked them!

Other things that happened today: I threw a Snicker's at Jake and it landed perfectly in his hood lol.

I was walking up a trail at the dog park and a huge herd of dogs came running down having so much fun. I had to hop out of the way haha.

- - - - -