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New York City: Day 2

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Our second day in New York was so fun! Before we talk about anything else, please note how tan my legs are hahaha. I use this tanning stuff and I would honestly die for it. 

We started with breakfast at Sarabeth's, which I would say is good but also maybe not worth the hype everyone gives it! (Kneader's has such good French toast it is hard to compare haha.) Also, I wasn't crazy about the atmosphere, which is usually the thing that will tip it for me if I am on the fence. 

We walked around Central Park for a bit!

We stopped by the boat pond for a bit to have a lemonade. (Which was weirdly sour? Not sure if that's how they always are!) 

Afterward we walked over to see our old apartment! 

We also walked through Flying Tiger where I had to RESTRAIN myself from buying everything ahhhhh. So. Many. Cute. Things! I miss that place!

Then Jake went to his conference and I walked downtown to meet my friend Katherine for Color Factory! I did a little pit stop at NYU to reminisce haha. It really doesn't feel like it was that long ago that I was there! I honestly miss graduate school so much! It was so amazing to be surrounded by people with my same values and perspective haha.

Also, there were so many cute buildings! 

Then, I met up with my friend, Katherine, and we went to Color Factory! It was AMAZING.

At the beginning they had mochi! Mine had blueberry in it and was so good. 

In the first room we got a card we could scan to take selfies haha. And there was a little revolving macaron wheel!

In the next room we put on these headphones and were guided through staring into each other's eyes and drawing each other hahaha. It was sooo funny and also the part where I realized it would have been very interesting for me to do alone! 

This room was one of my favorites! It asks you questions, you choose an answer, and then walk along that line!

At the end of following the questions and answers, I arrived at a door where I scanned my card. Inside was completely dark with just one screen that told me what "color" I was and then took a three pictures lol. 

When I came out the door there was this little wall where you can get a card with your color written on it!

Then there was a little dance floor and raspberry soda!

The next room had all these drawers where you can pull out your color and read more about it!

The next room was these cute spinning wheels that did boomerangs haha. I don't know how to upload them here so I'll skip them! The room after that was an adult ball pit which was actual super hard to walk through lol. 

And then this was the end! They had this cute hallway and a little souvenir room!

The outside of the building was so cute too!

Katherine was nice enough to escort me back uptown haha. We passed cute places and took more pictures! And I got to see her apartment which was very cute! 

I stopped off at our hotel for a bit to chill and do some deodorant refresh ahaha. We stayed at the JW Marriott Essex House and I really liked it! 

Then I met up with my friend, Kayla, to get frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity!

After Serendipity, I met up with Jake and his coworker and her husband for dinner at Up Thai! 

And then we got ice cream at Emack and Bolios and went back to the hotel for the night! All in all, it was a v fun day!

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