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Saturday, February 16, 2019

So we went out to Arizona for J's cousin's wedding on Saturday and it was really fun! The flight itself was pretty scary, just because it was so snowy and it took a while for the plan to be ready to take off. Oh, and then the flight was pretty turbulent, like so much so that they didn't serve us drinks haha. 

But, once we got there it was fun! I was able to meet up with my friend, Beverly, who I have been online friends with for probably 10 years! Whenever we are in the same state we try to meet up! This time, we got In N Out, went to Barnes and Nobles and got gelato! It's always so fun to meet up with friends!

The reception was fun as well! Idk why J's hand looks like this ahahaha. My mother-in-law discovered a drink at Starbuck's that is so good! It's an almond milk steamer with cinnamon dolce syrup. Try it! 

We flew home the next morning! So, it was just a quick trip, but it was fun to get away for a second!

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P.S. Here's a happy list for today: Talking with J's grandparents / Trying a new gelato place / Meeting up with a friend and belly laughing at things


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