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01.02.19 - Legoland!

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

This is the last day from our trip to California! 

We got donuts from Donut Bar in the morning and they were so good! They had so many cool flavors and even this cute unicorn donut!

I also realized I have been using my Instax wrong lol. I thought the light showed what setting it was on, but it actually is suggesting a setting to you, and then you turn the arrow to be on the right setting. Just so you know haha. I am sad I wasted like 4 photos trying to figure it out lol.

This coffee shop, James Coffee Co was on my list. There wasn't parking so J just dropped me off and I ran it. It turned out to be like, SO uncomfortable hahaha. It was in a building that had a bunch of other shops, and literally out of the 12 people in there, I was the only girl lol. They were like doing haircuts and I almost felt like it was like a guy hang out place? Like the guy version of Victoria's Secret, whatever that would be. Or maybe I just went on a weird day! But then once I was there I wanted a drink and it would be weird if I walked out, so I ordered my drink and then left lol. It was good but I liked the hot chocolate I got from Lofty Coffee a little bit better!

We took the donuts home to share with everyone and they all really liked them!

After donuts we went to Legoland. You get these little legos that you can switch out with park employees for other legos. I kind of wish I would have just kept the one I started with because there weren't as many to swap as I thought there would but, but that's ok! I feel like if you have a kid who is really shy this would be a good place to go because they would have to interact with people hahah. Our overall feelings toward Legoland were that it was cool, but would definitely have been cooler with kids and we probably wouldn't go back or recommend it to people without kids. 

There was some good food! This was the ham and cheese sandwich from the deli which was alright! There were also churros that you'll see later, which I would have loved if the dipping sauce was milk chocolate instead of dark. 

Idk how they did it, but this little lego tourist bus was driving on its own around the track! Seeing the little lego cities was probably the coolest part of the park!

These were the churros!

That night, we went hot tubbing and did a final dinner. 

It was a good trip! Thanks again to everyone who made it great!

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