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Sunday, November 17, 2019

London Canal Tour and Camden Market: London Day 5

Our last full day started out with breakfast at Drury, a cute little coffee shop. The decor was cute and the food was good! The orange juice was fresh squeezed and my avocado toast had a lemon juice flavor that was amazing!

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Biking Around Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace, Eating Indian Food, and Getting Scurred!: London Day 4

Day 4 started out with us going to Big Ben only to discover it was covered in scaffolding haha. I totally knew this, but when we were on the London Eye I thought I saw it uncovered! So, we walked over to Westminster Abbey where we happened to run into a climate change protest. It was really cool! There were police every where and people holding signs and demonstrations. There were people "handcuffed" around barrels using plastic. It was really cool to stumble upon!

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Windsor Castle, Bath, Stonehenge and A Secret Harry Potter Tavern: London Day 3

Day 3 was our tour day! We left at like 7:00am (ish), took an Uber to the bus station and then took a bus to Windsor Castle. It was such a cute little area! And also so cool to tour the castle. I guess the queen spends her weekends there. It was amazing seeing all the different rooms. They have a separate dressing room from the closet from the bedroom and just insane stuff like that. 

Sunday, October 20, 2019

The British Museum, Vegetarian Tacos, & Bibimbap Bowls: London Day 2

We started the day out with breakfast at Salt and Pepper where J looked like a SNACK.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

The London Eye and Pizza: London Day 1

I am going to try to post about this trip before I forget it all 😂

So, we went to London with some of our friends from Utah. (Jake's childhood friend and his wife, who is basically my twin.) They drove up from Utah and we flew out the next day.

The flight was ok. It was really smooth but I got a little sick and then got really panicky about being sick on an airplane. I came back from the bathroom and started clearing my space so I could feel less claustrophobic/hot and I handed Jake my camera, but forgot to get it on the way out and LEFT IT ON THE MF PLANE!! Luckily it was just my handheld camera and not my nice DSLR, but I was still bummed haha. (P.S. This is the best handheld camera: pop out/swivel screen and it shoots RAW. I have been using it for most of my photos lately.) (Wow, just saw it is wayyyy more than I thought it was and am now sad all over again.)


After we got off the plane, we dropped out bags off at a shop we found with a luggage storage app called Stasher, and got some fish n' chips from The Fryer's Delight. They were really good!

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Our First Time Staying In A Sonder!

#notsponsored So, Jake has been following this start-up company called Wonder, that's kind of like Airbnb except it's owned by a company instead of by individual people. They have a few locations around the world and they are all really beautiful apartments! So, when we were looking for somewhere to stay in London with our friends, we decided to just test it out and I ended up LOVING it! Wayyyyyyy better than a hotel room. And this isn't sponsored, it's just me wanting to share cool travel tips/things with you.

- having a full kitchen
- having a living room to hang out in (vs cramming into someone's hotel room)
- tv
- cool light up mirror
- beautiful
- fun to be in an apartment building
- smart lock that you can also lock from the inside so a code can't open it
- texting the company for anything I needed
- easy check in and check out
- bedroom fan

- bathroom trash can was hard to open
- no where to put luggage if arriving early (we used an app called Stasher but I didn't feel the place we used was very secure)

I think my favorite thing was having a living room We went with our friends and so it was nice to have a private area to hang out in, instead of a hotel lobby or someone's bedroom. I also liked having a fridge and kitchen area for snacks. When we went to Dublin, we didn't have a kitchen for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day and it was actually really hard to find food since everywhere was closed haha. So, having a kitchen is definitely a plus!

Anyway, that's all I can really think to say! I liked the pillows they had as well. And I always like pretending like I live somewhere lol, so I liked the whole apartment vibe! 

Here's a link to where we stayed! The location was great and within walking distance to lots of fun stuff. 10/10 would recommend.

- - - - - 

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Scenes From The Past Week Or So

Sunday blogging is my new thing, apparently!

Saturday// These are the pictures I took on my actual camera of our corn picking. We went with our ward and it was really fun actually haha. I am watching Smallville right now too so it was very fitting to be picking actual corn. I said it before, but it was really good just raw off the cob!

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Snippets From This Week

Monday// Monday was chill. I only had work for a bit (which I can't even remember now that I'm writing this). Working 2 hours or less is my favorite because I can park in the Safeway parking lot and don't have to worry about street parking. 

Also Jake was taking a shower and I popped over the door to be funny lol.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Pennywise Nails + Polaroid Wall

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Riding The Bus In Seattle And Being Yelled At By Homeless People

So, I found a hairstylist in downtown Seattle that I really like, but also driving in downtown Seattle is scary lol. I took a wrong turn and got stuck there the other day and it was NOT GOOD. Roads closed,  my nav telling me to go down one way streets, pedestrians every where, not to mention parallel parking... NO THANKS. 

So, I decided to take a bus down there instead! The ride down there was easy enough. The bus driver was really nice and guided me through how to activate my ticket. I read for a bit and was highlighting  my book. This guy next to me was like, "Ugh! Reminds me of school! My next semester is coming up!" which was really endearing because he did NOT look like someone you would think was in school.

Then, on the way back, I had the opposite experience lol. The bus driver was grumpy and PSA you don't have to show them your ticket, because POLICE come on and check them which is really fun and unique!! Also, right after I got on and sat down somewhere in the middle, this woman at the back of the bus started yelling, "YOU! HEY... YOU! YOU!! RIGHT THERE, YOU!!" To which I start cold sweating and shaking thinking... what do I say to her!?!? Luckily, I just completely ignored her and she stopped yelling and passed the cause-me-anxiety baton to a guy on the front of the bus who was angrily mumbling to himself lol. 

But!! They got after after a few stops and I survived so I am counting it as a success! I don't think I will go downtown just for the fun of it, but I WILL go down there for a great haircut.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Random Pics

Tucker sleeping on a pile of rocks lol. 

Tucker being cute and doing a rare cuddle. 

When I posted this on my therapy Instagram someone commented that the CEO of Jimmy Johns is a trophy hunter and now I will be wrestling with my conscious forever lol.

PSA Ikea has great plants. 


I love watching the sunset from our living room.

Went to the OBGYN and good news I am normal and healthy. #healthanxiety

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Bainbridge Film 4 Years Later Lol

I have like 5 rolls of film that I have had for the past 6 years. I don't have any idea anymore what's on each roll, so it was fun to pick one at random and find out it was full of pictures from my uncle's wedding on Bainbridge Island, WA 4 years ago! Look how young Jake looks lol. 

Other (digital) pictures from that trip here, here, here, and here.

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Wow! People Creeping Around My House, A Fun Surprise!

Wow how have I not blogged about this yet??

So, when we moved to Seattle, we found our place online and signed a lease site unseen. From the map I saw on Trulia, it looked like it was in a safe area. HOWEVER, when you google the neighborhood on Area Vibes it has an F rating... AND on SpotCrime there are like at least 5 misc. reports on my block hahahaha. So... not the safest area. 

So, Jake had to go out of town one night for a work trip and I was sort of nervous, but when the day got closer I was actually feeling pretty good. I was planning on making a fun night of it and I was feeling safe because we hadn't actually had anything happen in our area for a while other than package thefts for neighbors and various reports, but like nothing in our immediate area. We live at the end of a little dead end street with only one neighbor (we love them) so we never have foot traffic or anything sketchy (so far!)

The day came and I dropped Jake off at the airport, came home, ate some chips and salsa, and then opened my garage to leave for work. As the garage opened, I heard "hello?". 

I froze. I thought it might be my neighbor's mom who I had seen walking around on the phone earlier in the day, but when I walked out of the garage I saw a girl with some ratty pamphlet claiming she was selling magazines to gain some "work points" for an employment program??? Like suchhhhh OBVIOUS b.s. So, I told her I had to go but asked if I could get a phone number or email, which she didn't give me (obviously).

It was obviously not legit because:
A.) The website in the pamphlet wasn't real.
B.) She didn't ring my doorbell.
C.) She probably only talked to me because I had caught her outside our garage and since we are at the end of a dead end street, she didn't really have anywhere else to go.

So, naturally I PANIC as I'm about to spend the night on my own. I'm thinking "Was she trying to steal packages??? Was she scouting it out to break in???" 

I call my mom. I call my grandma. I call Jake (who was getting on a plane). I text my uncle. I text my boss. I chat with my coworker. I run the full length of my anxiety, stopping just before crying because I had to go be a therapist. (The chant "you can't cry right now, you have to go be someone's therapist, you can't cry right now, you have to go be someone's therapist" got me thruuuuuu)

In New York there were certain "schemes" that were common and everyone knew about (people coming on the subway with a sob story and asking for change, kids selling candy bars, etc.). So,  I was wondering if it was the same for Seattle. I called the police department to ask them about it. I told the guy what happened and I asked if she really was selling magazines or if that was a common scam/front they heard about. 

He said, "It's hard to say. This time of year there are people selling magazines. But it's hard to say what it was for sure."

I said, "Just for fun, let's pretend she wasn't selling magazines. Let's pretend she was scouting out my house to break in. What do I need to do to be safe?" 

He said, "Just lock your doors and keep your eyes out." 

I said, "Ok, so if I lock my front door then I should be ok?" 

He then has *the nerve* to say, "Well, maybe. But they could also always just kick your door in." 

I said, "Really??? Wouldn't that make a ton of noise though?" 

He said, "Well, yeah. But, you know, people hear loud noises all the time." 

I said, "Ok, well I'm sleeping here alone tonight and I'm a highly anxious person. So, what should I do? Do I need to barricade my front door then?" 

He said, "No, you're probably fine. Most burglaries occur between 10:00am and 2:00pm when people are at work." 

I said, "Oh, so me being home maybe deterred her from breaking in?" And then I can't remember what else he said but I did feel a little bit better knowing burglars don't break in at night, which actually makes a lot of sense since they probably don't want to encounter people. 

A few minutes later, my 5:30pm didn't show and I started wondering if it was a whole conspiracy where someone found out where I lived, booked a session to make sure I was gone, and was now robbing me. LOL. I finished work at 7:30pm but felt like it was too late to get fancy pizza like I was planing, so I just got the impossible burger and went home. (WHICH IS SO GOOD.)

My neighbors were outside, so I chatted with them about the girl (she went to their house too as I was pulling out) and it was actually really helpful! My neighbor is literally in the military and he was like, "We always have our windows open. If you need anything, just yell! I'm low key always hoping something will happen." Lollllll. They are actually moving in a few weeks and I am so bummed. It was so nice and comforting! 

I barricaded the door, and ate dinner while watching Bachelor in Paradise. Then, I went to bed (with the lights on and doors barricaded) and didn't feel too anxious actually! So, I am very proud of myself!

Anyway, I read somewhere that if you getting the urge to run, to remind yourself that you are safe. And I thought that was such a good point! I am always moving all over the place and convinced the somewhere else will be "better". But really, any city type area is going to have crime. And just because there is crime, doesn't mean I am not safe. The worst case scenario is probably that someone is going to steal my package at some point or yell at me. 

But, we really are so close to downtown Seattle which is super fun! And we have a good space for the money (I think), so I am making us stay here and appreciate it until lifestyle circumstances take us somewhere else (not pregnant) or the housing market crashes and we can finally buy something lol

- - - - -