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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

We went to Spokane to visit my grandma a few weeks ago! It had been a while since we had been there together, and also since I had been there during Christmas. We did all the usual things and it was so fun!

December 1:

This was the day we left! I tried to get an almond crunch pretzel with sweet glaze at the airport, but they were out, so I got a regular pretzel instead and then saw they have KEN'S HONEY MUSTARD. I used to work at the dinosaur museum and we had this turkey bacon sandwich that everyone raved about. I made myself a different version of it and it was seriously SO GOOD. I went back this summer and finally got the real turkey bacon sandwich and it really was so good! Anyway, I used to eat soft pretzels there and dip them in the honey mustard sauce and it was soooo good. So before I quit I went though the stock room to see what the brand was lololololol. Anyway, you can find it at Target! Get it! It is seriously so good!

The plane ride was super fast! We didn't pay for our seats, but they ended up seating us next to each other which was fun and cute.

My grandma always has the cutest treats for us! 

December 2:

We were talking about movies and the next morning when we came up the stairs my grandma's husband had taped this part of the paper (a movie we were talking about) to the door you see while you walk up the stairs lol. 

We had breakfast at Clover and it was the cutest! It is a house they made into a restaurant. The pretzels and dutch baby were so good!

After breakfast, J and I went to the mall and saw the giant Christmas tree. 

We also saw Bohemian Rhapsody which was so good! If you watched Mr. Robot, it was funny to see Elliot in a different role lol. But he was really good!

We went to Amy's Donuts which was so good! 

We had dinner at home this night with my uncle and played this game my grandma's husband made called Frustration haha. It is so fun! My brother in law made me a copy of it a few years ago for Christmas and I totally forgot about it until a few weeks ago!

December 3:

It was too cold to do our usual walk through Manito Park, so we just got breakfast from Rockwood Bakery and drove around instead! Rockwood Bakery is always one of my favorite stops! If you park by the elementary school east of it, you can walk down a really pretty tree covered road to it and it's so fun!

We went to the mall again and there was the cutest little macaron stand! It was from a bakery called Whoops that is Coeur d'Alene. 

We had dinner at a place I can't remember, but we I got fish and chips! Fish and chips is one of those things I used to never like, but after getting them in Ireland I have loved them! 

I also started and read this book while we were there. It was really good! Would recommend.

December 4: 

This was our last day. We went to Chaps for breakfast and it was so good! It was also so funny because all the people working were guys. There were like 3 of them and they were all really attractive. J was teasing me the whole time lol. One was talking to me about my camera after he saw me take a picture and J was like, "Is that like your dream guy? Like a photographer who works at a coffee shop?" And then after we left he was like, "Em! There were a lot of hot guys in there! Are you gonna be ok?" Lolllll

After Chaps we drove around and looked at houses. There is the cutest little new housing development over by Chaps! We also went to a new donut shop called Hello Sugar that has mini donuts lol. They weren't my favorite, but they sure were cute!

For dinner we went to Steam Plant! I got a rotisserie chicken which is something I have been craving since watching Amelie and they mention a rotisserie chicken. It was as good as I thought it would be!

J was like, "Take a picture of mine! I get offended" hahaha. (He was joking, of course)

All in all, it was a v great trip! 


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