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Thursday, December 20, 2018

I am very behind on blogging so here is a huge photo dump!

We tried The Dodo a few weeks ago and I have such mixed feelings! It was good, but I thought it was going to be a lot better than it was? This ham and cheese sandwich was very delicious though, and I weirdly ate it as leftovers the next day which is something I literally NEVER do haha. I got this dessert thing that was ok, but had nuts in it which isn't my favorite haha. Anyway, if you love this restaurant, let me know what you get! I hear such good things and feel like I maybe just got the wrong thing. 

We had our first snow of the season! It is so fun to have a backyard this winter because Tucker LOVESSSSS the snow haha.

Tried some donut fries from Dunkin' Donuts. They were not good haha. 

So I don't know if I have talked about this before? But basically I am doing this thing where I am reading for the same amount of hours I spent on my phone lol. I initially was just going to do it for one month, but it has taken me way longer than one month to read for as many hours as I spent on my phone for one month lol. I am almost done though! I only have a few days left! 

Anyway, this book was the cutest! It is a movie now on Netflix which is ok... but definitely not as good as the book! It was such a cute and fun read. Definitely recommend! 

Also idk if I talked about this either, but we tried to get some apple cider donuts from Rowley's Red Barn but the lady who made them didn't show up to work that day lmao so I made some myself and they were actually really good! I posted the recipe and more photos on my food blog.

J kept making jokes about Lubraderm and me being obsessed with lotion. A few hours later I asked him to bring me my lotion and a few minutes later he brought me this lol. 

J taking pictures of his new computer build lol. 

Look at this sunrise the other day on my way to work!

I had a booth up at Beehive Bazaar and was so scared! I ended up selling enough to pay my expenses and a little extra, so that was nice!

One day I cam home to Tucker fresh out of the bath because J thought he was too dirty from the snow lol.

Look how cute these Scooby Doo cookies are!

For a while there we were keeping our house temperature pretty cold and Tucker got so curled up haha. 

I was obsessed with these for a few days! So good! Now I am over them haha. 

We went on a little weekend excursion for J's work and all I wanted was cereal so they brought this up at 10:00pm haha. It was so good. We ended up leaving early the next day because I was having such bad anxiety. 

Post anxiety sleeping for hours. Tucker came in and slept with me lol. So cute!

I also caught him all curled up in the craft room by the Christmas tree lol.

Tucker does this new thing where he rests his head on you when he wants attention lol. 

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P.S. Here are some things that made me happy today and yesterday: Opening my birthday presents / Finishing my alpaca / Getting a gift from work / When my supervisor pronounced vegan as "vay-gan" / Quitting my job


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