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Christmas Things

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Merry Christmas! Here's a few pics from the past two days.

We did my family's Christmas traditions the day before Christmas Eve. We had dinner and played our traditional games! Does anyone else play 7/11 or the wrapping paper game? They are so fun lol. My mom also added in an "adult memory" game where you flip over paper plates to get matches and then get to choose prizes. It was really fun! I was also v glad that we did things the day before, because with my and J's family living here things can get really crazy really fast. So it was nice to not having everything in the same day!

Also this is my niece in her doctor set lol. I was her patient and she was very stern and wouldn't let me get up lol. 

Christmas Eve morning we went to Kneader's for breakfast. I was so sad/happy because the girl came to tell us they didn't have croissants and asked us what other bread we would want our sandwiches on, but then when she brought them out told us they found more croissants lol. They have a rosemary focaccia which I was hoping was like the buns at the Dinosaur Museum (if you know, you know!) so I was kind of sad to not find out lol. Also, for any Kneader's insiders, please let me know where they get their orange juice! It's so good!

That night, we went to J's parents house for dinner and gifts. This year it was just J and his immediate family which was really fun. Afterward, we headed to J's work to grab snacks (mostly we just do this because it's fun to drive around), tried to look at Christmas lights but everyone was a Scrooge and didn't have any, opened our Christmas pajama presents (well, I got J slippers), drank hot chocolate, and watched Elf. It was super chill and fun! 

I love being in my own home for holidays! Last year we were in Ireland for actual Christmas and Christmas Eve and it was kind of sad! So it was nice to be in our own home this year. 

We even got Tucker to cuddle with us for a few minutes!

This was also our first Christmas with Tucker since he was with a sitter last year! I packed his stocking and he totally peeked haha. He was so cute on Christmas morning though and was playing with all his toys at the same time lol.

Christmas Day we had more hot chocolate, ate cinnamon rolls and went to see The Mule. (Which was ok but also could have ended better, IMO). We decided to just eat at home but J put frozen vegetables in a pan with high heat oil and all this steam came off and threw me into a panic lol. So that was a not so fun way to end the day! But I eventually calmed down (I am very scared of the fire alarm going off for some reason) and we watched Dexter, which was fun! 

All in all, it was a good Christmas! It didn't snow which I didn't mind. (It actually snowed today, the day after Christmas!) All in all, it was good but I am definitely very excited for out future Christmases outside of Utah! I know I sound like a broken record, but it's how I feel so I'll continue to talk about it haha. I also need these blog posts as a record of what it was like living here again so I don't forget!

- - - - -

P.S. Here's some things that made me happy the past few days: J taking Tucker out and me getting to sleep in / Making J a breve hot chocolate / Taking a Christmas picture  / Redoing my home videos and getting my photos organized / Eating Apple Jacks / Going to movies in general and watching The Mule  / Going to Olive Garden with my mom for lunch on a work day / Having no shows and cancellations and getting to leave work early / It snowing


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