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A Weirdly Depressing Birthday Review But That's Life So Let's Do It?

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

So, today is my birthday! I thought it would be fun to look back on what I have done the past year but it actually made me feel really sad downloading all these photos, so let's see if writing this post out will change my mood around!

Dec 2017 - My 24th year of life started out well enough in Ireland, which was AMAZING AND I THINK ABOUT SO OFTEN.

Jan 2018 - I came back from Christmas break and asked my internship supervisor what was new to which she replied, "Nothing much! Well, we are closing the program." lol. I had 5 months left! Long story short, my school didn't want to give me a new internship so I ended up staying there and having 2 clients lmao. Such a joke! At least once my program closed I got to move to an office out of the basement lol.

Mar 2017 - Took a solo trip to visit my grandma in Washington!

Mar 2017 - Went to Philadelphia for one day and left Tucker with the creepiest dog sitter EVER (even ask J) and felt sooooo bad about. It was a traumatic experience for us both!! When we picked him up, he laid in my lap and cuddled for hours! :( He never does that and I felt sooo bad. Ever since then I am so picky about his sitters lol. 

April 2017 - Debated where to live for MONTHS and scouted out...



and Denver...

May 2017 - Finished my internship (THANK THE HEAVENS) and graduated with my master's in social work from NYU, before packing up our bags...

Shipping all our stuff to Seattle... driving across the country... and moving to...


Where my life has been at a stand still ever since. (Joking but also not joking lol). I never thought I would move back to Utah, but then I got swayed because I wanted J to get to experience this cool job offer he got. Needless to say, after living here for 6 months, it has solidified my desire to never live here again lol. It is just NOT the place for me! Alas, the things we do because we are concerned about what others will think lol. #neveragain.

July 2017 - Celebrated our 5 year anniversary in Mexico and had my first panic attack/complete breakdown over how hot it was in our Airbnb. (Although it lasted for so long I feel it wasn't solely a panic attack, but rather an actual overheating.) Begged my father-in-law for some Marriot points and ended up having a nice time lol. (Thank you PC!)

July 2017 - Started my first therapy jobs! My one therapy job is one of the only reasons I am still in Utah! I love it so much. I am not kidding you when I say it is ONE OF THE FEW REASONS I AM STILL IN UTAH. It is such a good job to be getting my hours at, I really am so lucky! Any other CSW job would pale in comparison for sure!

My other job is so-so. Basically what you could expect haha.

July 2017 - Moved into our first house with a nick backyard for T! It is SO NICE being able to put him in a backyard all day! 

September 2017 - Went to Amsterdam and Paris with my mom, brother, and his girlfriend. I LOVED Amsterdam! Was iffy on Paris, but would go back to Amsterdam in a heartbeat! 

Andddd now we are here to December! I would say 24 was good because I finished my schooling and  was able to finally be a therapist! (Now just 2 more years to be fully licensed... why is this an 8 year process?!) I would also say that as much as I have hated living in Utah, it has been good because I can say that I honestly gave it a second chance!

Anyway, I feel like this is a weird note to end on for a birthday post, but also it's the true tone of my life the past 6 months. It has just really sucked, to be honest haha. I have loved the trips I have gone on anddddd that's about it! So, let's hope 25 brings me FINALLY moving out of Utah and continuing to get my full licensure!

Ok, I am feeling better writing all of this out. Weird how that helps! Now, let's set some goals for 25!
- be at least 50% done with licensure hours
- go on at least 2 fun trips (as of now I am thinking Portland and Scandinavia)
- learn a new skill
- take a college class (I really want to do political science or motivational interviewing)
- solidify some fun holiday traditions, just J and I
- save some $$$ for a down payment on a house
- say no to more things
- don't feel guilty for saying no to things (I REALLY need to work on this haha)
- leash train Tucker

Ok, that's all I've got for now! We'll see how it goes haha. 

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