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A Happy List: 185

Monday, December 17, 2018

Lol I haven't done a happy list since July... which is right after I moved to Utah 😂 You guys know I struggle here! Anyway, I have been writing things down, just not consistently. So this is basically a happy list compilation of random stuff I have taken note of the past few months. 

I do want to get back into these, but I'm not making any promises!

I was prepping J for our trip to Trader Joe's and telling him that he couldn't complain about the price of anything and if I wanted to buy $7 cookies I could buy $7 cookies. So, we walk into the store and the first thing I put into my cart was a box of unpriced chocolate covered pretzels that later turned out to be... $7 hahahah.

Going to the cute, modern Beans and Brews in Sugarhouse.

Tucker getting double treats at both the drive thrus we went through. 

Taking a bath and reading. 

I ordered some of those Pillsbury sugar cookies in a turkey design from my grocery store. They were out and sent me a picture of what they had instead and they were Scooby Doo! So cute!

The mood J gets in when we go to Swig.

The face of the boy buying J's motorcycle when he first saw it. (Side note: I thought it was a father and son duo who drove from San Francisco, but it turns out it was 2 guys from Spanish Fork hahaha.)

My total was $7.11.

Kneader's gingerbread cookies are back!

I saw an owl on J's car!

I got a second free drink from Beans and Brews and I have no idea why haha. 

It being warm and cozy at my work. 

My supervisor walked me to my car one day when it was dark and recommended I buy a few cans of hornet spray and keep them in various places to protect myself lol. 

Seeing an elderly woman walking a puppy.

Seeing and elderly couple riding bikes together. 

The leaves changing color!

J laughing in his sleep last night. 

I walked into work and one of the guys we share a building with was jamming out to a Zombie remix lol. 

Tucker rolling over to get attention. 

When clients say, "There was something I wanted to talk to you about" and "I never thought about that before!"

Funny things people said:

J: "Em, there's a new documentary by the National Geographic about solitary confinement you might relate to."

My mom telling me about how her phone died while she was at work: "I was like, 'Oh my gosh! I have to go home!! My phone is dead!!!!'"

My mom: "Tell J I say hi!"
Me: "I will not."
My mom: "Oh my gosh! You really probably won't!"

J: "Tucker Lannister"

J asking me if I wanted anything from McDonald's:
J: "Choster burger?"
Me: "No I'm good, thanks tho"
J: "What if I accidentally brought one home though? Would you eat it?"

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