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12.31.18 - Balboa Island

Monday, December 31, 2018

The last day of 2018 was pretty good! We went to Balboa island and got lots of treats.

We went to Naked Cafe for breakfast and it was really good! I loved the paper straws lol. 

After breakfast, we went to Balboa Island. All the houses were so cute!

You take a little ferry to the pier where they have rides and more snacks!

We rode the Ferris wheel which was actually scary haha. I forgot that the little cages they have you in swing! It was cool views though.

We walked around the pier for a bit, got some candy from the cute candy store and took the ferry back. 

The whole island is really small so you can just walk around. I could have walked around for hours looking at all of the houses. They were so cute!

We tried the frozen bananas! To be honest, I think the bananas at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory are better! I am always glad to try the "must eat" foods, though!

THESE HIPPO SUGAR COOKIES WERE SERIOUSLY SO GOOD. And I don't even like sugar cookies! Seriously add them to your list!

We went back to the house and had dinner at Pillbox, which was ok! I got the pulled pork sandwich.

I honestly can't remember what happened next, so I am guessing we just had a lame night and went to bed at 10:00! Actually, we did play Mario Party a lot on the Switch which was so fun! But anyway, what do adults who don't drink alcohol do on New Year's anyway? It's always such a boring thing for me haha. 

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