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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Today I woke up early to get Tucker to see it had snowed! Just a day late haha. 

We are training Tucker to get up later by not feeding him until an hour later, and he did pretty good this morning! I feel like he definitely whined less and at a later time (6:40am compared to 6:00am). And then I just got ready and didn't feed him for an hour and he just went back to bed! So, let's hope that works out. I feel like living in an apartment after this wouldn't be that bad if he slept in later. Getting up really early in the morning to take him out in Connecticut was the worst!

Look how pretty our street was in the snow!

I ended up having a lot of clients cancel, so I went to Olive Garden with my mom for lunch, which was so fun! We were paying on the little machine on the table (so futuristic lol) and the waitress came up and started clearing the table right as my mom was about to add the tip lol. I was trying SO HARD not to laugh and bust up once she left lol. 

I came home early since I had cancellations and finished some work at home before heading to my other job. Tucker does these really cute little cuddles for like 5 seconds lol, but they are cute while they last!

I was only at my other job for a half hour though, because I had a no show! So I came home, cleaned a little, and made these Trader Joe's brie bites that are SO GOOD. Not sponsored lol. Just good. 


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