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Things Lately: Continued

Sunday, November 4, 2018

I really do have so many pictures to post lol. 

So it's been getting colder and I've been keeping our thermostat low because I love to wear sweaters/be cozy, and I came out of the shower the other day to see Tucker all cuddled in our bed lol. 

It's sad because he wants to lay with us on the couch, but doesn't quite fit. We do our best.

GUYS THIS DAY WAS AMAZING. I was making myself shrimp with penne and Alfredo sauce, and I cut the recipes hoping they would make enough that I didn't have any leftover (I don't like eating leftovers) and it made THE PERFECT AMOUNT OF FOOD. It was the coolest thing lol. 

I deleted the picture of my burger, but we went to Hires and I got this garden burger that was basically a hamburger without the meat and it was so refreshing? J was like, "Wow, I'm glad you thought it was so good because honestly it didn't look that good" 😂

We did our first escape room with friends a few weeks ago! I didn't know there was like a zombie inside that is trying to attack you while you are trying to solve the puzzle? It definitely made it more intense. We went to Get Out Games in Salt Lake and this was the zombie lol. She was attached to a chain but also the chain got longer every 10 minutes. She was nice though and gave us some hints because we didn't do too well lolololol. Also I asked her to put my coat on the coat rack and she took my phone out of my pocket and took a bunch of selfies haha. We either almost won or almost lost depending on how you look at it? Like the timer went off and then she got off her chain and started jumping around, basically about to *kill* all of us, but a few seconds later we figured out the code to get out of the room? So I choose to think we lost, but just barely lol. 

I really want to try one of the other escape rooms where there are like different level rooms? If you have done any that are fun let me know!

So also, my friend @bevhoupt does the CUTEST portraits! I bought one for J for Christmas but it was too cute to wait so I showed him early haha. Anyway, if you want one just DM her on Instagram and she can give you more info!

This was another book I read for my reading challenge before work got so busy. This was such a good book! I'd definitely recommend. 

Also if you read a lot, I'd highly recommend this book stand! It's a hand cramp preventer for sure. 

The elevator at my therapist's office is so neat. I also always get Beans and Brews hot chocolate on Wednesday mornings and am realizing their reward program is so good? Basically you get a point for every $1 you spend, but they often have promotions where you can get double points, quadruple points, or like today you got 60 points with a purchase of $5 or more! So it basically ends up with a free drink every 3 drinks you buy, which is a pretty good deal IMO! Not to mention they have the best hot chocolate in the world, and I say this as someone who has tried A LOT of hot chocolate.

J has been taking a GMAT class and studying hard! It will be nice for him to be done with it because your score is good for 5 years. Cool huh? I am glad I never had to take the GMAT for my grad school lol. 

I mentioned it has been colder and Tucker has been so cozied up. He now sleeps on the couch all curled up and it's so cute. 

So I have been doing that "does it bring me joy" thing with my closet and getting rid of a ton of stuff. It's weird how your style changes over time, isn't it? Anyway, I decided to budget $50 a month to get some new stuff that I actually like and last month I got these two sweaters from ASOS (here and here). They were only $20ish and so far I love them! 

I basically got one of my part time jobs to go down in hours so now I have more time to post all these! It's crazy how much work and environment can affect your well being if they are negative and/or out of balance!

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