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The Last Of The Random Pics

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Ok so long story short I need to reclaim my happiness and things that make me happy haha. As much as iPhones are convenient, they aren't as fun to edit as my nice camera photos so I am making a conscious decision to do more nice camera photos. I did a lot when I was influencing, and I think I felt like I had to stop influencing and nice photography at once? Idk. It all got lumped into one but you know what? I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY and I have super missed not having a lot to edit, so I am going to take more pics for my own sake! 

Anyway, these are the last of the random iPhone stuff I've had sitting on my phone for forever! Basically there is tons of Tucker being cute, per usual. 

Ok so my church did this activity day and I invited my mom and we did one of those step by step paintings! It was pretty fun.

I have been trying to condition Tucker into cuddling, but I don't think he's catching on so well lol. He'll like get on the couch or our bed and as soon as we sit down he leaves :( We might just need a corgi for cuddling purposes... 

I set up my halloween stuff and I love these little birds haha. 

We went to a anniversary dinner for J's grandparents and brought them some flowers. The glasses + long hair + nice shirt + flower combo just kills me <3

So I have also been conditioning Tucker to play dead when we are eating in order to get food. It's so funny haha. If you don't give him food he will get up and then go back down and start making really weird whining noises lol. 

Ok, so this is not sponsored. I got this sweater from my friend's shop (buy it here) and it is literally so soft and cozy. I have worn it close to every day. Not even kidding. (Just wait to see tomorrow's post.) Oh but also when I just linked it I saw it is sold out! :( If it comes back in stock you will definitely want to get your hands on it haha. 

I love all the trees in our backyard! It has been so fun to see all the colors turn. Also special thanks to J who raked up like 10 bags of leaves last weekend haha. 

Tucker is definitely not as ok with wearing human clothes and accessories as Trixie was, but LOOK HOW CUTE. 

We went to a Halloween store and they had Trump masks named, "Yelling candidate" hahaha. 

Tucker always steals my shoes and like, cuddles himself to sleep? It's so cute but also so weird.

I tried Beans and Brews apple cider and it wasn't good lol. But it's ok because their hot chocolate is THE BEST IN THE WORLD. 

We got these cute new chairs off of Facebook marketplace for $60! It has taken a while to update our house with actually cute stuff because I prefer to spend money on travel, but the next few months I am specifically setting some aside to update some main stuff. 

We tried the buttery beer and chocolate chip cookie from Swig and they were both so good! 

Ok, that is official the end of all the random iPhone photos I have! I am excited to get back into personal photography, especially with winter coming up! 

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