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Europe Trip: Amsterdam - Day 7

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Our last day in Amsterdam we booked a last minute trip to Zanse Schans, the chocolate and windmill town! It was super cute and fun. I feel like I don't love the editing on these pics, but what can ya do. We went with a tour that took us around the whole village and I feel like it was a good way to do it!

The houses (that people actually live in!!!!!) were so cute and looked like little gingerbread houses <3

This was the little chocolate shop! There was a guy there who showed us how chocolate is made and it was super cool. I bought some chocolate bars there but they were super strong, even though I got the milkiest haha. Also, when they roast the cocoa beans you can smell it in the whole town! It was so fun haha. 

We went in a windmill that is currently being used to make the pigment for paint. It was cool to see how the wind turns the wheels that just grind the chalk over and over again. The windmills are so scary and rickety haha. Idk how people work there! I would be scared it was going to fall apart. 

The last part of the tour was a cheese factory! You can sample a bunch of different flavors, which was really fun. I ended up buying a smoked flavor and a little cheese knife thing that is super cute. Also we got these ham and cheese sandwiches for like literally 3 euros? Such a good deal and pretty good!

I can't remember what we did when we got back to Amsterdam, but these houses were my favorite ones I think I saw the whole time we were there!

We got a snack on our walk home and these little chocolate muffins were sooooo good. 

We ended up doing Uber Eats for dinner because we didn't want to go out in the rain to find food, and it was amazing?? Like the food was amazing but also the experience of Uber Eats was so cool. Literally this food was in our hotel room 10 minutes after I ordered it? Like I don't understand how it can be so fast. I am obsessed with it though. 

After dinner we just went to bed! My mom looked so cozy lmao. This was our last day in Amsterdam and overall I think it was a good choice to go to Zanse Schans because idk what else we would have done in the city. 


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