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Being Haunted And Other Shi

Monday, November 12, 2018

Do you remember those apple cider donuts I posted about while we lived in New England? (While I was finding that link I also found these maple donuts from Vermont that were LITERALLY SO GOOD.) Well, basically apple (cider?) donuts are this big deal in New England and are everywhere, but in Utah they are quite literally no where. 

Rowley's Red Barn makes them on Saturdays in November, so naturally we drove the hour south to get our hands on apple cider donuts (and to try their apple slush). We invited my mom and sister to come along too and TURNS OUT THEY DIDN'T HAVE THEM!

I guess the lady who usually makes them just didn't show up to work that day? So they called someone else to come make some but she only made so many and they were sold out by 1:00! If only that Apple Donut Lady knew how many people traveled long and far to eat her donuts lol. 

So we just got the slush and some cider (they have the best cider) instead! When I invited my sister I told her I wanted to take pictures, meaning just like of life in general, but she thought I meant of myself I think lol. So she brought some clothes from her boutique for me to model haha. It took me back to my high school days where we would do photoshoots and she would edit them haha. Those are some funny pictures! I will have to have my mom send them over and post them. There is one where I am unknowingly wearing lingerie 😂 I thought it was a dress!

After the barn my mom was casually like, "Oh, let's go to this restaurant that's 1.3 miles away!" So we all hop in our cars and pull up to this restaurant. No one knew anything about it except for my mom. So we walk in and she seats us in the room pictured below... ALL by ourselves.

There are like unfinished walls and weird wedding pictures on the wall? So then we figure out that it is apparently haunted? So my sister and I start reading up on all the ghost stories and meanwhile since we have entered the building my little 3 year old niece keeps shushing us. Which was like, the creepiest thing, obviously. So finally my mom is like "Do you guys want to leave?" and then the waitress came over and was like, "Do you know what you want?" and J said, "We need a few minutes." And then we got up and left hahahahahah. 

Mostly I felt weird about it because apparently it is Native American burial ground that some people built a restaurant above? Idk. Ghosts or not it just felt disrespectful to me! 

If any of you have been there and have ghost stories, I'd love to hear!

- - - - -

P.S. Also I forgot to mention but when I edited these pictures they got stuck uploading to iCloud at 666mb 😱


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