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11.17.18 - Thanksgiving Celebrations!

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Remember how I have hated Thanksgiving for as long as time? (Here are a few articles I skimmed that may help you find out why: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Sorry in advance if there is anything oppressive, I just skimmed them!)

So, this year we opted out of Thanksgiving and went to eat at Black Sheep Cafe the week before! It's a Native American restaurant in Provo that is SO GOOD. I tried the cactus pear lemonade, honey lavender fry bread, and green chili pork taco. All of which were very delish!

They had the coolest artwork, which you can kind of see in the background of this photo. Here's the artist!

After dinner, we went to my sister's house and J and my brother-in-law built me the cutest stand for my prints! I'll throw a photo of it on the bottom. While they were making it, we played some arcade games and my sister order much much Crumbl! J and I went there for the first time a few days before that and OMG THEY ARE SO GOOD. I know we are probably late to the game haha. But when we went in, the guy was like, "Do you want a sample?" And we were like, "Sure!" And he literally cut a full cookie in half and offered it to us haha. They are so nice!

The Nutella sea salt is my fave!

Then we went home to our little floof. Now that the house is colder, he curls up on the couch to sleep. It's so cute!

Here's the stand! So cute huh! I am selling my prints at the Beehive Bazaar in Provo Nov 28-Dec 1. Go grab some if you want! I am super interested to see if I break even from the booth cost haha. I guess we'll see!

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