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Friday, November 16, 2018

Ok so I feel like I always say this, but I am really trying to do more like, nice camera photos. Basically what happened is I had that stint with influencing but then finished grad school and was all like, "I just want a normal job" and moved to Utah and essentially stopped taking any nice camera pictures. It was fine for a bit, but I honestly missed like the creative aspect of influencing, like planning out a cute shoot and photographing and editing. Not so much the selling to my friends hahaha. 

ANYWAY. Basically I have been really bored and just feeling bleck, so I figure I might need to do photography again, just for the sake of having something to do! 

Last weekend we tried a new food place, Ramen 930. It was pretty good! J thoughts his chicken and rice bowl was better than CupBop WHAT! It was actually pretty good, I thought. But I will never get over that tofu bowl from CupBop and the fact they don't have it any more (😢).

We rode those Bird scooters lol. It was so crazy because there was only one in front of the restaurant, so we shared it and rode around until we found another one. It was so scary and I almost fell off on every bump lol. Finally we found another one, but I had to register and didn't have my wallet or driver's license! Ah! So J is just casually like, "Oh let me see if I have a picture of it... here it is!" Like it is just so normal to have pictures of driver's licenses? Anyway so then I got it working and we rode around for a few minutes until it ran out of juice haha. Oh well, we tried!

It was also the art stroll, which we used to go to in Provo a lot (see here and here and here). It's slightly annoying because in Provo all the galleries on are the same two streets, but I feel like Salt Lake is spread out more? Also for some reason after we finished eating I didn't really want to go anymore. So we just ended up going to one exhibit that said it was from "a dog's view" and I thought it was going to be photography from like a really low angle, like you are looking out of a dog's eyes. BUT it was actually a collection of iPhone photos from 3 dogs' beach vacation hahaha. The ladies who owned the gallery had one of them there and was like, "He's the star!!" and laughed so hard. They also had some satire type art that I loved. Hold on, let me see if I can find it somewhere. 

Found them! These ones were super funny! Afterward, we walked over to Last Course through this cool alley way that changed colors. There were some words stenciled but it was just stuff about Utah? Very weird haha. I was hoping for something artsy or political.

Last Course didn't have anything that looked good, so we went to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory at City Creek instead (THAT APPLE PIE CARAMEL APPLE THOUGH!!!). It was mostly just so fun walking around! I remember back when we lived in New York, if anything was a 30 minute or less walk, we would just walk everywhere. And same with my school haha. If I got there early I would find a good food place and just walk around (before it got INSANELY COLD and wintery and I didn't leave my building haha). 

There was this like protest? Photograph? Movement? going on about animal testing. They had this video showing all the animals being tested on and it was so sad! It's crazy how many beauty products test on animals. And all for our vanity! Ugh. I have been slowly switching my stuff over the past year or so, and I think most everything I use now is cruelty free. But I am super freaked! And wanted to go through everything just to make sure haha. Oh also, it was so funny to see my and J's personality difference. Because I HAD to stay and watch the TV that was showing animal testing, and J was like, "I can't watch!" lol. 

Came home to this floof, gave him his treat (notice him playing dead in the picture below lol, it has been something I have been conditioning him to do whenever he is around food), and watched some Game of Thrones! We are on season 6 and it's crazy. There are definitely some storylines I don't care for and zone out, but some of the others are so good! Also idk if this is a spoiler, but Jon and Ygritte are married in real life HOW CUTE IS THAT!!!

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