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Europe Trip: Amsterdam - Day 6

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Day 6! I am excited to be done with all of these soon haha. I love having everything written down and being able to read it over again, but it is a pain to write! 

Anyway, day 6 started with ensuring that my brother was, in fact, alive and well. Contrary to how this photo looks, he was!

We went to breakfast at Bagels and Beans. It was cute! They served my mom hot chocolate with literal chocolate chips haha. She poured them in a stirred it and it was pretty good! 

After breakfast we went to the Rijksmuseum. The line wasn't too bad! The art was to be expected. There was a famous Rembrandt painting and an Adam and Eve painting. 

We were also lucky enough to catch the Banksy exhibit and it was so good! There was also some art from these guys in Iraq about censorship that was really good. Anyway, I am so glad we were able to make it! I thought it would be gone when we were there so it was a good surprise!

They had this Liechtenstein exhibit that was a remake of a Van Gogh and it was so funny lmao. 

There were also some cool sculptures in the garden!

We were grabbing some hot chocolate and it started raining so hard! We were luckily under this tent but then birds started attacking us lol. They tried to grab a sandwich from the people next to us. They were very aggressive!!  The hot chocolate was good though. It was just from one of the little stands by the museums!

Our next museum was the Van Gogh museum which was pretty much like all the rest lol. It was so funny though, because the day before my brother bought a sweater because it was so cold, and while we were at the museum there was a guy with the exact same sweater lololol. Also these first two photos are what the Liechtenstein exhibit was based off of lol. It was meant to be funny because of how different it was from Van Gogh haha. This museum was actually cooler than some of the others because they had this interactive part of Van Gogh's life? It was weird and unique, just like I like!

Afterward, my mom and I walked back to our hotel (again, Amsterdam was my fave because it was so walkable!) and I honestly can't remember what else we did.

 That night, we saw BlacKkKlansman and it was so good! Idk, I had a lot of feels I posted about on Instagram, but I felt like it revealed so much about our country and just put things into perspective. One of the more powerful parts of the movie happens after you've been watching KKK members from the 70's or whenever, and you're thinking, "I'm so glad we don't have that anymore" and "Wow, how could people think like that?" and then they suddenly cut to footage of the Charlottesville Riot and Neo nazis and you just feel like, so heavy and disappointed in where we're at. Anyway, Amsterdam was cool and socialist and just felt super nice. It's super hard for me to live in Utah because I miss that kind of community and being surrounded by people who are into politics and social justice. I guess that's what social work school in New York will do to you haha. 

Anyway, that's why I want to move and be in Washington! So, we'll see! Community and where you live is so important!

At the movie theatre I ordered a coke and they served it to me from the bar in a glass with a lemon slice hahaha. I felt so fancy. Also, something to remember about this movie theatre in Amsterdam is the previews showed like, *multiple boobs* hahahah. I guess they don't have preview ratings like they do in America? V interesting. 

After the movie we just went to bed! I was super activated and posted a bit on my Instagram stories but ultimately felt like *ish* about political stuff, so it was good to go to sleep.  

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