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Europe Trip: Amsterdam - Day 5

Monday, October 8, 2018

We decided to just walk everywhere because AMSTERDAM IS SO WALKABLE! I feel like it's what makes me like it more than Paris. I think it's like 30 minutes or less most everywhere? So doable. I love walking around in a new city.

On our walk to breakfast we saw this dutch cat that thought we were going to let it in to the building lol. And lots of other pretty things! Amsterdam was so pretty and fun to photograph. 

We had a very sugary breakfast at Van Wonderen Stroopwafels. They were so good! I actually ended up going back and getting a tin of some to bring home to J. 

We also stopped by Stach Foods too, which had a pretty good chai tea! And also all these goodies you see pictured below. 

After breakfast we walked over to our boat tour! We did our tour through Classic Canal Tours and I really liked it! There weren't too many people on the boat and the guy who was taking us around was a psychology student so he talked about so many things that were interesting to me. 

Like they don't have any homeless people on the street because they are pretty socialist and give them a bed every night. 

And marijuana is actually not legal in Amsterdam, the cops just turn a blind eye. But in the winter when it snows, they fly over the city and can see people growing it on their rooftops and get them then lol. 

And also the red light district was created because they thought that prostitution would happen regardless of it was legal or not, but that by making it legal they would be able to protect the prostitutes more. But also it is now kind of a front for human trafficking and definitely not all women there are there by choice.

(This last fact made me really sad, actually. And kind of disgusted that American tourists walk around and joke about it when the girls they might be blushing over are human trafficking victims? Like it strikes me as looking at something without really understanding it at all. Kind of like going to the White House and being like, "Oh that's a pretty building, I wonder what it's for." Kind of thing... except no one wonders about the red light district. So then I did all this research because I was bothered about it and there aren't any official numbers on how many of the girls in the red light district are, in fact, human trafficking victims. Which is even sadder. There is a law that if you have sex with someone who is or who you suspected to be a human trafficking victim, you can be fined/face jail time.)

Here are two articles I read that I thought were interesting:



Anyway, so it kind of bummed me out! It made me think of how asshole-y everyone is to like, giggle about the red light district without even mentioning human trafficking and all that? Like idk, can we be better members of this collective world we all live in? It's gross of me to think that all these tourists are there walking around, blushing and laughing at these girls who very well may be victims of human trafficking. UGH. The ignorance that exists these days! Also the social worker in me never goes on vacation lol. 

Needless to say, my mother and I did not go back and visit it at night haha.

This little group of buildings was my favorite!

After the boat tour we walked through the red light district to the Rembradt house. We saw the church where Rembrandt's wife is buried. It was right next door to a kindergarten which was right next door to prostitute house... such an interesting mix of buildings haha. 

This was the Rembrandt house (I think). We actually didn't end up going inside to the museum because it looked boring? Plus as lot of his stuff is at the other museums! Anyway, so we walked to the Cuyp market instead.

The market had so much yummy food! Poffertjes had these little pancakes that were so good! We also got delish fries from a place called Pietersma Snacks. So good! 

For dinner, my mom and I went to Bulls and Dogs. I am saddened to say that the hot dog was weird and not good, BUT THE SHAKE. Go for the shake! We were lol-ing because we took a picture just like this when we went to Sugar Factory in New York lol. 

Day 5 wouldn't be complete without the story of me and my mother having HEART ATTACKS over my brother lol. Him and his girlfriend left at like 6:00pm to get some food and walk around. My brother told my mom he would let us know when they got back, but it was like 9:00pm and they weren't back yet? So we were kind of worried and you can't just like, text people because our phones didn't work. We knocked on their door, but there was no answer. So my mom and I went to dinner and got home at like 10:00 and they still weren't back. We knocked on their door again and got no answer and everything. So, finally around like 11:00pm we remembered find my friends and looked him up. It said he was at the hotel? We were like WTF? Because remember we knocked twice and there was no answer. So a little while later we remembered his temporary phone number for his temporary SIM card and texted him and he IMMEDIATELY responded and was like, "We are in our room!" 

My mom and I were like "K WHAT WE HAVE BEEN KNOCKING". And he was like, "Sorry we thought that was room service!" Lmao. So turns out they had just been chilling in their room next door eating delicious room service and watching TV, while my mom and I created detailed plans of how we would notify the police of them being missing and determining at what time we "could be worried" hahahahah. 

Boys. Some things never change lol. 

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