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Europe Trip: Amsterdam - Day 4

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Day 4 was pretty chill. We had breakfast at Eric Kayser (again). I was feeling kinda sick this day, so I got tea and it was the cutest! Came with a little teapot and everything <3

After breakfast we caught our train to Amsterdam! It is so fun how everything is so close in Europe. Mega jealous of all Europeans being able to travel anywhere! While we were on the train, there was this guy across from us who was also American and also from... Utah. Lol. The world is small! While I was in the bathroom, the train turned and our suitcase on the shelf above the seat came flying off and hit exactly where the Utah guy's arm was minutes before haha. Woulda broken his arm! Anyway, turns out you are supposed to have them in with their sides facing out.

Overall the train ride was nice. They had wifi. And windows. It was hard to sleep but the views were nice so it was fine. It reminded me of the train ride to school and made me miss my little grad school stint. 

At the end, we almost got off at the wrong stop lol. We asked this guy if it was the right stop and he said it was so we all got frantic and started grabbing our stuff, but then this lady sitting behind us was like, "No. It's not the right one." And the guy who told us it was was like, "Oh it isn't??" Lol. So that lady saved like 6 people from getting off at the wrong stop! #thankful

We stayed at the Hyatt in Amsterdam and it was so pretty! This is a plant wall! 

After check-in, we walked around for a bit. My brother wanted to go shopping, so we split up for a second while my mom and I checked out the Anne Frank house. But then it started raining really hard and we couldn't find each other lol. Turns out my mom and I were in a nice little shelter while my brother and his girlfriend were out in the pouring rain hahaha. 

For dinner, we ate at the restaurant at the hotel (Mama Makan). It was Indonesian food and so good! When we were deciding what to order, my brother wanted to do this 6 course meal but needed someone to do it with him per the requirements on the menu. So, my mom said she would do it. When it came time to order, the waitress told us the whole table would need to do it, so they decided to get other things. My mom was like, "Oh, ok. Nevermind then. I'll just have the side of egg rolls." The waitress pulled this confused look and was like, "So you go from wanting 14 dishes to wanting only 1 side dish??" We were all laughing so hard. 

Another funny thing that happened was my brother's girlfriend thought she saw a cake. So we were all turned around, craning our necks to see the cake she was talking about. Then, a worker at the restaurant walked by, saw us craning our necks, leaned back so far craning his neck at us, and came up and said, "Yes? May I help you??" We were all laughing while we explained we were just trying to see something. Also, it turned out the "cake" was just a planted pot lol. 

I have a funny video that goes along with this picture. My mom literally filled this mug up with warm water just to hold something warm lol. Then she started talking about how much she wished she liked tea and I was secretly filming her. Anyway, it's funny. I guess this is mostly to remind myself I have the video haha. 

It was a good day! Amsterdam was cold but it was so cute and felt so much kinder than Paris!

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