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Europe Trip: Paris - Day 2

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Day 2 started off with walking to breakfast at Angelina! Along the way we saw cool street art and a fountain at Place de la Concorde. 

Angelina is supposed to have good hot chocolate... what I would say is that it is okay lol. It was just really thick and rich? So it's not the type you can drink a lot of. But, I am glad we went because it's one of those places everyone goes. And it was really cute! While I was taking this picture by myself outside, this guy approached me and tried to convince me he was a deaf mute and to give him money. It scared me though because he was so smiley? Give me the New York homeless people over a creepy smiley dude walking toward me any day!

After breakfast we walked to the Louvre. I am annoyed I didn't get any pictures of the outside of the Louvre because it was really pretty! As for what's inside... overall I am not much of a museum person lol. The Mona Lisa was cool but as you can see VERY CROWDED. Crowds ruin a lot for me. There was some cool feminist art and colorful stuff, though!

Ok, also: While we were here the rest of the group wanted to look at a exhibit but I waited behind on this bench. This guy came up and started small talking with me (he said he was waiting for his friends). I small talked back because this is like, a very normal thing to occur in Utah. Anyway, after a while he asked if I had What's App so he could send me Paris recommendations on my next visit. I don't have What's App but gave him my email address. I thought very carefully about like, giving information, but decided that no one can do anything with your email address (and I gave him my internet name, not my real name). Anyway, then I left because I was feeling awkward. 

Keep reading to see where this story comes back haha. 

Afterward, we got our first crepes! It was at a little shop north of the Louvre. They weren't very good, mostly because she reheated the crepe and didn't make it fresh from batter? We got some other crepes that were made fresh from batter and they were SO GOOD. 

We took the subway again to Montmarte (which I wanted to go to mostly because Amelie is my favorite movie). So, you know how they say Paris has a lot of pickpockets? Well, at first I wasn't worried, but then at the last minute I bought some "pickpocket proof" bag on Amazon. So far into the trip, I hadn't had any problems, but I was still very aware and always looking out for the various schemes in which they lure you in and pickpocket you.

So, long story REALLY short: We got scammed when buying our tickets for the train. The guy who helped us had a badge, so we all assumed he worked there, but he didn't. He was helping us select 2 all day passes for the subway, so we wouldn't have to buy individual tickets every time. My brother asked me if it was a good deal and I looked at the screen and SAW he had the $20 euro option selected, but I guess he went back and bought one way children's tickets instead lmao. 

When it came time to buy, he said the card machine didn't work and bought them for us with his badge, and then my brother gave him $100 cash. As we were walking away, a part of me was like, "Did we just get scammed?" But I was like, "Nah... He had a badge, the tickets look different than the other one way tickets we bought" etc. etc. In fact, it turns out we all felt weird about it but ignored those things lol. 

So, we got off the subway and decided to test our tickets, to know if we were scammed or not. When they didn't work we were so mad lol. My brother's girlfriend walked up to the guy working behind the booth and said, "What kind of ticket is this??" and without looking at it for more than a second the guy said, "Children's ticket, one way". 

My mom and I were lol-ing so hard that we got scammed with CHILDREN'S TICKETS! Hahahahahaha. But, after I read up on it a bit I guess it could have been worse because if you get caught riding the subway with a children's ticket and you're not a child you can get a big fine. So, anyway, watch out for those scammers!

In hindsight, I should have been more worried about being scammed than about being pickpocketed!! 

Ok, so then remember that guy I gave my email to? Well, after being scammed I started wondering if that could somehow have been a scam as well. So I googled it and of course Google has a billion different ways someone can hack you identity and life if they know your email address. So then I enter a complete panic, active my phone data, text J and tell him to change my email password and all our bank account stuff. Basically having a meltdown at this point. 

Well, turns out my email isn't connected to any of our bank stuff lol so that made me feel A LOT better. Still nothing has happened with the email situation, so I am thinking probably what it was was what they do with the petitions where they try to pickpocket you while you are distracted signing the paper. Unfortunately for him, I had a pickpocket proof backpack lol 😂

Anyway, other than these two incidences, nothing else happened! Which was good!

(Also, we saw A LOT of Invader pieces (he is a street artist) and it was so fun!)

Ok, now on to Montmarte! This was one of my favorite places we visited! I very much feel like I was fulfilling my Amelie dreams! First we went to the Sacre Coeur, which was really pretty and had great views of the city from the top. 

We grabbed lunch at a little cafe that I can't remember the name of. It was ok! This was cheese on toast with fries.

After lunch, we walked to that pink Le Maison Rose restaurant that you've seen all over all social media lol. There were so many cool art things along the way!

Here it is... the building you have seen everywhere! It was really cute in real life. And there was a blogger having her husband take a photo in front of it lmao. My brother did some modeling shots for his Instagram too lol. (Joking, obviously.)

We walked around and stumbled on even more cool art. I love street art and Montmarte was such a good neighborhood for it!

So, if you have seen Amelie (the best movie in the world IMO), we visited the restaurant where she works and the movie was filmed! We got crem brûlée and broke it with a teaspoon and everything. It was one of my favorite things of the entire trip!

We saw the obligatory Moulin Rouge and then got an Uber to catch our canal cruise! My brother's girlfriend was sneaking up on him so I was going to take a photo, but then a horn sounded and scared him lol. So, these photos are priceless!

We walked through this cute garden, Jardin de Tuileries,  across from the Louvre on our walk home. 

For dinner we ate at La Coincidence and I got this cheese plate. It was really good! I wish they would have given me more bread though. Also overall I wasn't as impressed with French food as I was with the food in Amsterdam. 

After dinner, we tried to go up the Arc de Triomphe but we missed it by 10 minutes! Also, the arc is surrounded by this circle road that is really busy with tons of cars. We didn't realized that you can get to the arc by entering across the street and walking underground, so we just ran for it when there weren't cars! *facepalm* Good thing we didn't get killed!

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