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Europe Trip: Paris - Day 1

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Ok, let's get these posts started!

So we started our trip off in Paris, then went to Amsterdam, and then back to Paris to catch our flight home. Our trip started off so good. We flew out of the Salt Lake Airport (don't ask me how much my ticket was because it is PAINFUL after flying out of JFK hahah) and I kid you not: from the time J dropped us off to the time we were sitting and eating McDonald's waiting for our flight to board was *MAYBE* 5 minutes. There were absolutely NO LINES and it was so good! 

Also we saw my mom at the airport? Like she was literally on the same flight as us. How weird huh!!!

The actual flight over was good too. My mom really wanted to do a non-stop, so we did a red eye. I think she thought she would be able to sleep more than she actually could lmao. She stacked like 5 different fluffy things on the tray table to try to get comfortable 😂 My strategy with big time differences on trips is to just not sleep for like 48 hours so when I get there (or home) and finally go to sleep I am immediately back on normal time. So, I watched a lot of movies on the plane. Here's my reviews:

The Shape of Water: I was expecting so much from this but felt like they tried to rip of Amelie but failed miserably. 

Adrift: Very good! I am a huge Shailene Wooley fan though. 

The Chalet: So this is on Netflix and in French with English subtitles. (You can download Netflix on your phone and watch offline, in case that hasn't changed your world yet.) I thought it was really good!

We got to Paris and met up with my brother and his girlfriend at our Airbnb. We stayed here and I really liked it. It had cool views and felt very authentic Paris and quirky. Oh, one warning though, we thought the door was on the 3rd floor and spend SO LONG trying to open it and get in contact with the host, but it turns out it is on the 4th floor lol. (My brother and his girlfriend waited outside for like an hour!) Also it was really hard to open and had like an old school key. But other than that, it was good!

In Paris, we were very much the travel types to only spend sleeping hours at the hotel, we were out every day for 12+ hours. It was so great! After dropping our luggage off, we wandered around to find food.

We ended up eating at Gusto Italia which I would say was ok. It was cute that the pizzas were in hearts. Also, notice throughout these posts how me and my mom ALWAYS get the same food. It is 100% not intentional lol. 

We had tickets to go up in the Eiffel Tower at night, but wanted to see it during the day too. It was kind of underwhelming to me for some reason lol. Like, it was still cool, but I think the most "whelmed" I've been with architecture is walking around New York City. Also, it is really dirty on the grounds and I lived in constant fear of pick pockets, so maybe that's what contributed to the experience haha. Anyway, it was cool to see though! 

We also used public transportation for the first time and it was good (just you wait though). We went to Notre Dame! I loved how even their subway tunnels were cute and retro.

Notre Dame was cool... but crowded lol. It was crazy because there were people there just worshipping as normal. It made me think about how new the LDS religion is. Like our buildings and stuff are so new cool. It was really cool to be in a building that was built like, 800 something years ago! How cool to say that is your church haha. 

We tried to go to Saint Chapelle but it was closed. We tried a second time a different day and it was also closed. We tried a third time on our last day and FINALLY IT WAS OPEN. But anyway, so our first day we just stared at the pretty gates... which I actually think belong to a government building? The lines were right next to each other. Those poor security guards for the government probably spend most their time redirecting people to the other line lol. 

Our last activity of the night was going up the Eiffel Tower! I am usually fine with heights but I FREAKED OUT in the elevator. Probably because it is all glass and you can see as you get higher?? So, I only went to the first high floor, which I actually hear is cooler because it's not closed in? Anyway, we were in it when it started to sparkle and I was very "meh". But then a different night we saw it from further away and the sparkle was so pretty!!! I am kind of bummed we never saw it sparkle from that view of the above photos. I feel like that would have been way cooler than it during daytime, but oh well! 

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