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Scenes From The Past Few Weeks

Sunday, August 5, 2018

So I have mostly been taking pictures on my phone and then forgetting to post them. So here is a huge photo dump of pictures from the past few weeks!


One of Tucker's favorite spots to snooze is under J's desk. I caught him cuddling with it the other day and it was so cute <3

Our first real dinner in our house! We call this "Baker's Delight" lol. It has been fun to eat outside and I am excited to get some patio stuff when it cools off a bit more! I want to do like fall nights outside drinking cider and making s'mores. 

This is still one of my favorite shirts, even though I am not vegetarian anymore lol. 

We walked around the mall like this for hours before I realized we were matching lol. 

Ugh! So I was sick for like a week and a half when we got home from Mexico, and then I got sick AGAIN this past week. I don't think they were related but still, very annoying. I haven't had a fever in SO. LONG. I drove almost all the way to work thinking I had to call people to cancel for the day before realizing I had their numbers online the whole time lol. 

How cute is this print I got at the farmer's market!! He is hanging on my wall right now :)

My sister got a new puppy and he is like Tucker's son lol. Tucker loves playing with him and it is cute to see them play together. 

My grandma and brother and his girlfriend all came out for a while and it was fun! We went to another farmer's market where they had... 

... THIS BEAUTIFUL LEMONADE!? Isn't it so funny how something so little as adding cotton candy around the straw can make something so beautiful haha. 

One of the weirdest things of living in different places is how different the cultures are! In the northeast, I felt so dressed up in my natural style, so I never wore lipstick, dresses, etc. Now that I am back in Utah where people are very done up (lol) I can wear lipstick again! I feel like I am back to my true self. Well, except for I don't wear skirts/dresses as much, but everything else!

Ok so I am 40 pages away from finishing this book and IT IS SO GOOD. I literally feel like everyone needs to read it. It talks about shame and how we can build resilience. When I started reading the book, I was like, "Oh, I really don't feel that much shame." But it turns out it was just buried under A LOT of anger lol. Anyway, I loved this book so much and feel like it had so many "ah-ha!" moments for me. If you want to improve yourself and your relationships, READ THIS. 

Tucker is beautiful. That's all. 

Ugh it is still so hot. Tucker does like having a yard, but also he gets tired haha. I threw the ball for him like *maybe* 4 times one day and he came running back full speed with it, dove under the porch and immediately laid down lol. I am excited to see him in the snow! He loved the snow in Connecticut. 

I finally found this delish herbal chai! The website said they didn't carry it within 100 miles of my location but lo and behold I was browsing through Macey's in American Fork and stumbled upon it!

We live by a Swig. I am not as much into soda as I was a few months ago (self-regulating bodies are such a cool thing) but every once in a while a cold soda with that initial burn is so good! I also have a food Instagram which I love, and recently signed up for this influencer thing called Localfluence. It is cool because it is mostly trying food, which I already do and post about lol. So, it has been fun to be exposed to some new grubs. 

I got an art cart and got to unpack and organize all my art stuff! I am painting this of Amelie. I never like how my paintings turn out, but I do love the process. I love the feeling of smearing paint across a canvas. 

This was another new place we tried because of Localfluence! Penny Ann's Cafe. I got the "heavenly hot cakes" just because I thought I should try what they are known for even though I am not a big pancake person. They were pretty good! Good hot chocolate too. I want to go back and try the scones. 

Also yes, I did photoshop J's shirt in this pic. He always wears shirts that have like company names on them, and I didn't want it to look like a promo for the company lololol.

Other than that, I have been working and hanging out the past few weeks! We are still getting moved in but overall it's been good!


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