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Monday, August 20, 2018

I am slightly bothered that these are all square shaped, but whatever! One of my favorite things is being awake early on Saturday mornings and reading while drinking hot chocolate. I am so excited it is almost fall and colder outside! I am sick of the heat! 

So the book above was I Thought It Was Just Me But It Isn't by Brene Brown. It was my first Brene Brown book and I am SOLD! It was for book club and we met at Squatter's for brunch. I got the scones and they were so good!

I have been loving this filter that I am using on all my photos lately. It is basically one of the Jaci Marie presets, with a few tweaks. I figured out how to make it a preset for my Lightroom mobile, and it's a bonus because it also syncs all my photos so I can transfer them to my computer more easily! Score!

My friend Leah and I went to a Bachelorette finale party! A couple I went to high school with and took engagement pictures for a few years hosted it and it was v cute. Angie made us these little drinks haha. I am still obsessed. 

Tucker has been a little bit more cuddly than usual, but it still only lasts like *maybe* 3 minutes lol. But! If I am in bed he will stay longer to look out the window from the bed lol. 

We went to J's cousin's wedding and it was v cute!

We finally got bookcases! Pro-tip: Thriftbooks has super cheap books! I have been trying to read more and it has been really fun! It probably helps that there isn't much on TV I am interested in these days. Well, aside from Bachelor in Paradise, but I usually watch that while I clean. 

So when we moved into the house we are in right now, there was this huge dead patch in the backyard. I kept watering and watering and watering it, and it stayed brown. Finally I looked things up and realized it was dead. So J raked up all the dead grass and I weeded for like 2 hours straight lol. We haven't planted more grass yet, but I hope it works! 

My sister threw her husband a Christmas birthday party lol. We played these games with candy and my niece and nephew were crazy! My nephew kept throwing the candy ball with such force at my face and ripping it from J's arms every time it was his turn haha. And then my niece had to give up a piece of candy and it was soooo funny. She was SO sad but my sister made her for learning purposes, so she rolled her eyes so big and grabbed a candy and slid it across the table to J with SUCH attitude haha. We were all dying. 

Nothing special about this pic other than look at the lighting in this Starbuck's bathroom!!!

Our neighbors are so nice and brought us homemade chips and salsa! I loveeeee how nice people in Utah are. Can anyone tell me how they compare to Oregon or Washington? I love being surrounded by nice, friendly people!

Both J and I have just been working a lot! My schedule goes pretty late right now, but then again it doesn't really bother me if I get home at 6 or 7, because I don't have any homework to do! So it's been good! I am working toward my mental health therapy hours, and then think it would be fun to try out a different social work area for the rest of my time in Utah. I still plan to go into private practice after I get my full license and I also want to be a professor... I forget what it's called, but the part time one! Alumni? Associate? Why can't I think of this word??!! Anyway, you know what I mean!

Overall, life is ok! I still have days where I get pretty bad anxiety about stuff, but it's good overall. It's definitely nice to be done with school and able to read for fun again! And my trip to Europe is only a month away, so I'm VERY excited about that!

I am considering making this blog private again, because I want to feel like I can truly journal without worrying about anyone online (like clients) finding me, but idk! Let me know your thoughts!


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